The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6172

Seeing the nervousness on Gunbir’s face, charlie, who had been silent all this time, immediately realized that the sound of the motorcycle engine getting closer and closer outside was probably coming towards him.

At this time, Arman realized that Gunbir might have caused a big trouble, so he asked sternly, “Gunbir, tell me the truth, who did you offend?” Seeing that the matter could not be covered up, Gunbir had to

explain “Uncle Arman, these people here are all members of a new gang in New York…”

Arman exclaimed, “Do you owe loan sharks?!”

Gunbirzi quickly explained, “No, Uncle Arman! They just occupied it two days ago. He went to Chinatown and is now collecting protection money from door to door. He wants three thousand US dollars a month. If he doesn’t pay, he will beat people and even threatens to destroy the store.” Arman asked with a frown

. “Hasn’t Chinatown always been managed by Chinese gangs? In the past few years, the protection fee has been three hundred dollars a month. Why was it suddenly robbed by others?”

Gunbir sighed helplessly and said, “The Chinese gangs followed them last week. There was a fierce battle and heavy losses. Big Viagra has already given up and handed over Chinatown to them…”

Arman was slightly surprised, and then asked him, “What is the background of the new gang? They offered three thousand US dollars a month at the beginning. Isn’t it too dark?”

Gunbir said indignantly, “Who says it’s not the case! We and several shops around us all start our business early in the morning and stay late at night. We have to pay rent and labor, and because we don’t have legal status, we have to go around and do business for a month. You only earn a few thousand dollars after working hard. They want three thousand, which means that everyone is working for them!”

Arman asked again, “What is the origin of this new gang?”

Gunbir replied, “The name of the new gang is burnganl. The Burning Angels are mostly African-Americans and a small number of Latinos from Brooklyn and downtown. It is said that they are supported by Italians. Now the Italians have gradually retreated to the background, no longer come out to fight and kill, and they are unwilling to give up this With part of the profits, he supported a group of ruthless African Americans and established such a gang…”

Arman asked, “Did they beat you for the injuries on your face?”

“Yes…” Gunbir said angrily, “They came to collect protection money. I couldn’t afford that much money, so they beat me up and gave me My deadline is tonight. If I can’t give them the money tonight, they will destroy the store.”

Arman asked again, “Have you called the police?”

“Yes.” Gunbir said dejectedly, “But calling the police is of no use. “You know the situation in New York. The police focus mainly on wealthy areas. When I called the police, they just came to go through the motions and told me that they couldn’t find me.” Arman said angrily, “It’s really unreasonable!

Gunbirzi said helplessly, “I called the police and told them that they would come again. The police said that there were not enough police to keep an eye on them. They asked me to call 911 as soon as I saw them, but what’s the use… …If the other party really came with a gun, I would have died eight times, and the police probably wouldn’t even arrive.”

As he said that, Gunbir sighed and said, “They are American citizens, we are illegal immigrants without status, and the American police don’t care.” Our life and death…”

As he spoke, the roar of the motorcycle had already reached the door of the roast goose shop. Gunbirzi suddenly became more nervous and quickly said to Arman and charlie, “Uncle Arman, Mr. wade, hurry up and go upstairs. !”

charlie simply sat down and said with a smile, “To be honest, I have never seen the underworld collect protection fees. This time it is just right.See what you have learned, Gunbir, go and get me some roast goose rice, and I’ll watch it while I eat.


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