The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6179

A magical and interesting scene is taking place in this humble roast goose shop in Chinatown.

The five gang members, who were once vicious and arrogant in Chinatown and made countless Chinese vendors frightened, were now kneeling on the ground, stuffing yellow, orange, and golden bullets into their mouths.

9mm pistol bullets are thick and fat, and are much more painful to swallow than the largest capsules.

Moreover, these people did not even have a glass of water to take the medicine, so they could only grit their teeth and swallow it raw.

The worst of all was Will Johnson.

Because his sister is one of the mistresses of the boss of Burning Angel, and he is born with a ruthless nature and is very ruthless, so he also mixed with the middle managers in Burning Angel, and the boss of Burning Angel took Chinatown This area was left to him to take care of.

In Hong Kong gang terms, he is the Chinatown leader in Burning Angel. It

’s just that this person is particularly miserable right now.

Although his four younger brothers were in extreme pain from swallowing the 9mm pistol bullets, fortunately, the 9mm pistol bullets were rounder in shape, so they could swallow them even though they gritted their teeth and fought tooth and nail.

But Will Jackson is miserable.

What he ate was charlie’s hand-disassembled version. charlie personally disassembled each bullet, poured the propellant into his mouth, and then stuffed the disassembled warhead and cartridge case into his mouth. Force him to swallow it as quickly as possible.

After the cartridge case lost its warhead, the seams were very sharp and would often get stuck on Will Jackson’s tonsils, but charlie didn’t give him a chance to slide it down slowly, so he could only swallow it as hard as he could. After taking one pill, he started to vomit blood while swallowing it. His throat, mouth and esophagus were all scratched by the bullet casing.

Seeing his mouth full of blood and still swallowing desperately, Gunbir on the side couldn’t accept it. He tried his best to control the urge to vomit and turned his head to the side.

charlie saw him and asked him, “Gunbir, how many times have you seen this Will Jackson?”

Gunbir quickly replied”Mr. Wade, I…I’ve seen him maybe three or four times…”

charlie nodded and said, “Come on, give me a closer look. What was he doing every time you saw him?” “

Gunbir thought for a moment and said truthfully, “The first time I met him, he went to Aunt Wang’s cattle shop next door to collect protection money. Because Aunt Wang didn’t speak English, she chased him away with a broom, so he was interrupted. Aunt Wang’s hands and legs…”

Will Johnson quickly defended, “That old woman hit me first, I was in self-defense…”

charlie grabbed his left wrist and applied a little force, and the whole left hand suddenly The wrist was completely broken, and Will Johnson screamed in pain. charlie said with a cold face, “You came in today, and I broke your hand in self-defense.” Will Johnson almost collapsed,

but What made him collapse even more was that charlie picked up the pistol with the magazine removed, grabbed the barrel and used the pistol as a hammer, and suddenly hit his right ankle. With a crisp cracking sound, Will Johnson was in pain almost fainted.

But charlie didn’t give him a chance to faint.

He raised the gun and then smashed his left ankle into a bloody mess.

Immediately, charlie ignored Will Johnson who was wailing crazily, and asked Gunbir again, “Go on.” Gunbir

said, “The second time I saw him, he came to my store, and he asked me to give him Three thousand US dollars, but I couldn’t come up with it, so he took these people and beat me up, and said that today is the deadline for me.” charlie looked at Gunbir’s 

dark and purple face and nodded slightly. He nodded, grabbed Will Johnson by the collar, slapped him four or five times in the face, until the capillaries on his face oozed blood, and then threw the dying Will Johnson aside. .

Later, he asked Gunbir, “What about the third time?”


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