The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6181

Hearing Arman’s instructions, Gunbir ran out quickly.

Although Chinatown is a very complicated small society, it is only such a big place after all, so after staying here for a long time, we are all very familiar with each other.

Just like its name, this is just a street, a street where Chinese people gather in large numbers.

The relationship between everyone here is like that of neighbors on the street. Although there are some shameless, sinister and cunning people in the neighborhood, they generally help and support each other.

In the early years, the Chinese who had just arrived in the United States were bullied. They could only live together in groups to keep warm. Chinese gangs also developed naturally in this environment.

At first, in order to protect themselves, the Chinese organized some young and strong laborers to jointly fight against foreign enemies. Over time, with the continuous development of society, various professions were constantly subdivided, and some people who occasionally united to stand up for other Chinese people, They gradually regarded this kind of thing as a profession, and the Chinese gang was officially established.

From the history of Huabang, we can see that from the moment of its birth, Huabang has not been a gangster gang that bullies the market and bullies men and women.

Most gangs in the United States are very different in nature from Chinese gangs. Most of the gangs with a long history in the United States developed during the Prohibition period. Their methods of making money are basically all against the U.S. government. Therefore, several gangs have a long history. Over a hundred years of development, they have developed an instinct, that is, the more the government does not allow them to do, the more they must do it, and they must do it bigger and stronger.

Take the example of collecting protection fees. Huabang collects protection fees in Chinatown, which is more like an unofficial property fee. It collects money from every household and serves every household. The fees are reasonable and the service is considerate. On call.

However, when gangs like the Burning Angel collect protection fees, they are outright bandits. 

The robber only wants money, and he will spare your life if you hand over the money. If he insists on not giving it, he will give you a knife or a shot.

You can’t expect that after being robbed, you can ask the robber to help look after your home. In that case, the robber may also rob your home.

A few minutes later, Gunbir rushed over with a middle-aged man who looked to be in his 40s.

As soon as the man entered the door and saw Arman, he excitedly said, “Brother Zhong, you are back!”

This man was Ni Dawei, the boss of the Chinese gang in New York’s Chinatown.

r> When Arman saw that Ni Dawei’s neck was wrapped with thick gauze, he quickly asked, “Dawei, what’s wrong with your neck?” Ni Dawei

sighed, “Forget it, he was shot when he came home, and the bullet grazed his neck. If I am more accurate, I will report to the Lord of Hell.”

As he said that, he looked at the five miserable guys in the corner and asked in horror, “Ah Zhong, this… what on earth is going on?”

Arman Asked him, “Did Gunbir tell you?”


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