The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6182

Ni Dawei said, “Gunbir only said that you had something important to do with me, but didn’t say what the specific situation was.”

Arman nodded and said to him, “These people came to the store to find Gunbir. The protection fee was taught a lesson by Mr. Wade.”

After saying that, he said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, this is Ni Dawei, the boss of the Chinese Gang.”

Ni Dawei looked at charlie in shock, unable to imagine these few The vicious members of the Burning Angel were beaten into this state by the young man in front of them.

At this time, Arman said to him again, “Dawei, let me introduce you. This is Mr. Wade. He also wants to see you this time.”

Ni Dawei came back to his senses. Although he didn’t know who charlie was, he saw him Being able to torture these five people into inhuman form by himself meant that he could guess that charlie’s background was definitely unusual.

So, he quickly walked up to charlie and said with some respect, “Hello, Mr. Wade, I’m Ni Dawei. Nice to meet you!”

charlie nodded slightly and asked him, “How many people are there in the Hua Gang?”

Ni Dawei Truthfully said, “There were almost a hundred people before, but now except for the dead and wounded brothers, the rest have basically run away.”

charlie frowned and said, “You have nearly a hundred people, how can you let these five bastards Eggs swaggering through Chinatown?”

Ni Dawei said with shame, “Mr. Wade… behind these five people are the Burning Angels. Behind the Burning Angels are the Italians. They actually control more than a dozen large and small gangs in New York, with at least several thousand people. We simply don’t know.” They are not their opponents…”

charlie said coldly, “So what if there are thousands of people? I have never heard of beauty.

There has been a gang fight involving thousands of people in China. Can he still lead thousands of people into Chinatown? “

Ni Dawei said awkwardly, “Mr. Wade, you don’t know something… These people are extremely ruthless. They killed several core members of our Chinese gang overtly and covertly. The brothers were scared and all of them backed down…”

charlie asked him, “How many of you have the Burning Angel killed?

Ni Dawei blurted out, “They killed eleven of our brothers! “

charlie frowned and asked again, “How many of them have you killed? ” “

Ni Dawei shook his head dejectedly, “Not one…”

As he said that, Ni Dawei quickly explained, “After all, we are a foreign minority gang in New York. We can’t fight against local gangsters like them, so we didn’t want to fight with them in the first place. They fight fiercely, and they let it go. If we dare to touch one of their people, they will kill us ten times…”

charlie frowned and said, “What happened to the ethnic minority gangs? Gangs in South Korea, Vietnam, and Algeria are also gangs composed of ethnic minorities. Are they like you, beaten by the Burning Angels and running away? ” 

“This…” Ni Dawei dodged charlie’s aggressive eyes and said hesitantly, “I haven’t heard of any conflict between them and the Burning Angel yet…”


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