The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6183

charlie Pointing at the five people, he asked Ni Dawei, “Have you ever thought about it? Why do these people dare not bully Korean gangs or Vietnamese gangs, but come to bully you instead? “

Ni Dawei pursed his lips and lowered his head in shame.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, charlie turned to ask Will Johnson, “Come on, Will, tell me, why don’t you go to Koreatown to grab territory? Want to come to Chinatown instead? Will

Johnson said tremblingly, “Because… because the Koreans have too much firepower… Since 1992, we have rarely had direct conflicts with the Koreans…”

charlie nodded, then asked Ni Dawei, “Do you know why they didn’t dare to provoke Koreans since 1992?”

Ni Dawei said shamefully, “I… I know… Koreans did spell it out in the United States back then. Some fame…”

charlie said coldly, “You also know that they have earned their fame through hard work, so as the Chinese Gang, youBoss, why don’t you dare to take your brothers and fight them to the end? Don’t forget that standing behind you are not only your nearly a hundred brothers, but also all the compatriots in Chinatown who rely on your protection. They have paid you protection fees. If something happens and you run away, what will they do? “

Ni Dawei was blushing at this time and wanted to bury his head in the ground.

But charlie continued to ask, “Have you ever thought about it, if you back down, the vendors in Chinatown will have no choice but to be slaughtered by them. From now on, everyone will know that the vendors in Chinatown are good. Bullied, everyone will treat them as a piece of cake! Today the Burning Angel wants to come and cut off a piece, and tomorrow there might be the Frozen Demon coming to take a piece of the pie. In a few days, even those cats and dogs that no one looks down on might come over with their bowls and grab some chopsticks!

“What’s more, what if you shrink back? ” Will they let you go if you shrink back? If that were the case, why would you, a dignified man and the boss of a Chinese gang, hide in a woman’s hair salon? “

Ni Dawei’s spirit almost collapsed due to charlie’s series of questioning.

In the past two days, Ni Dawei’s heart has been tortured. Brothers have had troubles one after another. Even he himself almost died, but as the boss, he has never been able to muster up the courage. Courage to fight the Burning Angel to the end. Just because he was timid from the beginning, the Burning Angel became more and more rampant, killing many backbones of the Chinese Gang one after another, directly destroying the mentality of the entire Chinese Gang. And in the past two days, Ni

Dawei I also regret very much. I regret that I didn’t risk my life to fight the Burning Angels immediately. If I had fought them with all my life at that time, maybe they would have given up and retreated, and so many brothers would not have lost their lives later… Thinking of

this , The shame and self-blame made Ni Dawei unable to hold back any longer. He choked with red eyes and said, “It’s all my fault. I’m too weak. I just thought that if I couldn’t offend them, it would be better to step back and the world would be brighter. But I didn’t expect that I would retreat.” With just one step, they forced me to retreat all the way to the edge of the cliff and refused to stop. But now it’s too late to wake up, and it’s impossible for my dead brother to come back…” charlie looked at him and said calmly,

” It’s not too late to wake up now. “

As he spoke, charlie stuffed the magazine in his hand into the pistol, then handed the pistol to him and said, “There are still five bullets in it. If you really wake up, think about what happened to A Chong.” Damn it, think about how to avenge him again!”


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  1. Thanks for these three chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 6184. Thanks 😊

  2. Ni Dawei was frightened by the large numbers of the Italians as backers. I had to reread Charlie’s message to the Chinese gang leader, on how to wake his people up and take his leadership back. Send a message to the other gang that we are not going to step back and don’t come back. Ni Nawei kill your leader. When the other return and tell how strong Charlie is, how he napped off the bullet cap with his hand, how he locked his hand where he could not pull the trigger and hoe he beat him and made him eat the gun power, they won’t come back. Another good read.

  3. Very boring and waste of time. So many chapters wasted on this small matter that could have taken just 2 chapters. This novel is not woth my time anymore.

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