The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6186

When Ni Dawei heard this, he felt ashamed.

He really doesn’t think highly of Gunbir, what’s more, charlie is also a new face who appeared from nowhere. He doesn’t believe that charlie has the strength to help him, or to help Gunbir, under the pressure of Burning Angel, return to power. Zhenhua Gang.

However, he had to admit one thing, that is, Gunbir, a young man who was inexperienced in the world, was indeed more courageous than himself.

Although he didn’t really believe in charlie’s ability, Ni Dawei also had his own worries. If he rejected charlie, he would have no choice but to continue hiding in Tibet, and he would never be able to turn around again in this life. However

, if I cooperate with charlie, there may be a chance to turn around.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look at Arman aside.

In his opinion, Arman is a great person.

Although he has been bored in this shop cooking roast goose for so many years, he is definitely the smartest person in Chinatown. Since even he believes in charlie, it proves that charlie must be more powerful than he imagined.

So, he made up his mind and said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, I am willing to cooperate with you. Just ask me for anything you need me to do!”

charlie said lightly, “Tell me about the Burning Angel, including the Italians behind them. What are their origins?”

Ni Dawei quickly said, “The Burning Angel is a gang that was just established in the past few years. However, its predecessor was formed by the merger of several small gangs in New York. The main reason for the merger was the Italian Mafia behind it. The Italians are deeply rooted in the United States. After gradually whitening them over the years, they have left the dirty work to the new gangs they support. At least 50% of the profits of these new gangs must be handed over to the Italians.” As he spoke, Ni

Dawei He added, “Most Italian mafia in the United States are dominated by families. In the past, the five major families were more famous, but now the strongest one is actually the Zano family outside the five major families. The Burning Angel is loyal to the Zano family.”

charlie said, “They have the endorsement of the Zano family, and then divide more than half of the money they earn to the Zano family. Strictly speaking, they specialize in sub-brands for the low-end market, and the Zano family still holds the absolute majority.” The major shareholder.”

Ni Dawei nodded and said, “Mr. Wade is right to understand this. In fact, there are many such gangs under the Zano family. Most of the members of the Burning Angel are African Americans with relatively low education levels, so they mainly Their business is to grab land and collect protection fees. There are also several organizations that are engaged in some slightly higher-end industries, such as those highly profitable contraband.” Arman on the side introduced

to charlie, “This generation of the Zano family is responsible for People are very smart. They have divided the business that was originally one-stop into multiple links in detail, and then handed over different links to different organizations, and then the organizations cooperated with each other, checked and balanced each other, and guarded against each other. “

charlie raised his eyebrows and said, “Uncle Arman, please give me a detailed introduction.”

Arman explained, “My point of view is also based on some information circulated by the outside world and what I have seen and heard when I was here before. The result may not be accurate, but it should not be too biased.”


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