The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6188

As charlie spoke, a plan had already formed in his mind.

I’ve been here all this time in New York, so some problems should be solved thoroughly.

Since the Zano family has extended its tentacles to Chinatown and the store that Uncle Arman has worked hard for decades, don’t blame yourself for being rude.

So, he said to Gunbir, “Gunbir, go change into this chef’s clothes and come out with me.” Gunbir

looked at the five Burning Angel members and quickly asked, “Mr. Wade, what should they do?” I’ll kill them first! One shot at a time, never waste a bullet!” The

five people were trembling with fear. They never expected that the little cook, who was so bullied by them that he didn’t even dare to fart, would now be determined to kill them. Kill all five of you!

Seeing Gunbir’s firm expression, charlie smiled slightly and said, “It’s too early to kill them now. Let Uncle Arman and Ni Dawei keep an eye on them first. After they finish their business, it won’t be too late to kill them.” Arman quickly asked, “Master,

you What are your plans? Is there anything you need to do?”

charlie smiled and said, “No, Uncle Arman, after Gunbir and I leave, you will close the store and wait here for us to come back. If there is anything wrong during this period, If someone with long eyes comes to cause trouble, use these five people as hostages and call Kexin immediately.” In

New York, there is nothing that Fei Kexin can’t handle.

Let alone some gangsters, even the Zano family is nothing in front of Fei Kexin.

But charlie didn’t want Fei Kexin to come forward to help.

Once she comes forward, this matter will not be so interesting.

However, charlie also knew that he was incapable of doing anything else. If he took Gunbir to see the Zano family, he would have to guard against the roast goose shop being targeted by other members of the Burning Angel.

Arman naturally knew charlie’s intention and nodded lightly.

charlie asked Ni Dawei again, “You have been living in New York for many years. The Zano familyDo you know the specific situation of the tribe? For example, where they live, how many people there are, and the name of the person in charge. “

Ni Dawei said quickly, “The Zano family lives near Long Island. There is a Zano Manor. The mafia is relatively prosperous. The direct family members have a large population. I estimate there are at least ten people. The current patriarch of the Zano family is Antonio. Zano. “

Okay.” charlie nodded and said to Arman, “Uncle Arman, I will take Gunbir to the Zano Manor. If everything goes well, I will be back within two hours.” “

Arman said quickly, “Young Master, please be more careful! “

The Zano family from Sicily has been dominant in New York for decades.

This family has been a mafia for generations, and the family token that the family has kept for decades is a Thompson submachine gun produced during World War II.

It is said that, After the old Zano, who was in charge of the Zano family, sold his assets in Sicily and came to New York, he gradually established a foothold in the American underworld with a Thompson submachine gun. And that submachine gun, known as the Chicago typewriter,

became It is said that until the year before the year before last, this submachine gun was hung on the wall of the main hall of Zano Manor at position C. It was not until the new generation of Zano leaders decided to clean up their innocence that they took the gun off the wall. However, taking off

the gun did not mean that the Zano family wanted to wash their hands.

On the contrary, they split up all the illegal transactions and gave them to those below who seemed to have nothing to do with the Zano family. After the vest gangs, they secretly continued to promote those gangs to conquer cities in New York and even the entire East Coast, in order to increase their sphere of influence and comprehensively increase their illegal income.


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