The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6189

On the surface, the Zano family, under the leadership of Antonio Zano, the leader of this generation, is doing its best to clear its identity and sharpen its head to move closer to the upper class. .

Antonio Zano knew very well that the more powerful the upper class were, the more they needed tools like the Mafia.

However, they are hypocritical and will not allow themselves to cooperate with the mafia openly.

This means that if a mafia family wants to gain their favor, the first thing they need to do is to clean themselves up.

To put it simply, what the upper class now needs is not a shameful chamber pot hidden under the bed. What they need is a toilet that can be placed openly in the toilet, is bright and clean, and does not smell at all.

The traditional Mafia is just a dirty and smelly chamber pot, so Antonio Zano really wants to lead the Zano family to complete the transformation from chamber pots to toilets.

At this time, Antonio Zano was directing his family members and close men in his manor to arrange the manor in a grand manner. 

Today, he will receive a distinguished guest from afar at his manor.

In order to welcome this distinguished guest, all members of the Zano family put down their affairs early and rushed home to prepare. The distinguished guest invited this time is extremely important to the next development of the Zano family. If cooperation can be reached, the Zano family Will go to the next level.

In the main hall of Zano Manor, a large dining table more than ten meters long has been set up. The dining table is decorated with flowers flown from France, as well as the best crystal tableware and metal cutlery.

Forty-seven-year-old Antonio watched the maids busy and arranged everything in an orderly manner, with anticipation written on his face.

At this time, his seven or eight brothers and sisters, as well as their children and their children’s spouses, were all dressed up and ready.Go up and say hello to Antonio.

Antonio fully plays the role of a patriarch. He greets everyone cordially and is a gentleman.

After almost all the immediate family members lined up to say hello, except for his 22-year-old daughter, Antonio couldn’t help but ask his brother beside him, “Marco, where is Julia?”

Marco Zano said quickly, “Brother, I didn’t see Julia all night.”

“This child!” Antonio said dissatisfied, “She has been obedient all her life, why does she have to go against me this time! Doesn’t she realize that I have planned for her? How perfect is life?”

Marco Zano complimented, “Brother, after all, Julia is still young and lacks social experience. Give her a little more time, and she will not only understand your good intentions, but she will even be grateful to you. Endless!”

“Yeah!” Antonio nodded slightly, then he arranged his suit, shirt and bow tie, and asked Marco very conceitedly, “How is it? I look like it now, does it look like “The Godfather”? Feeling?”

“Yes, of course!” Marco praised, “Brother, in the entire United States, and even in the entire Europe and America, no one is closer to Marlon Brando than you!” Antonio nodded slightly, smiled lightly and said, “I, Antonio

Zano , will definitely become the most successful godfather in the history of Sicily!”

At this time, Antonio’s youngest brother Francisco ran over and said respectfully, “Brother, your distinguished guest’s plane has landed at JFK Airport! It is expected to arrive at the manor in forty minutes! “

“Very good!” Antonio couldn’t hold back the excitement in his heart, and said loudly, “It depends on tonight whether we can go to the next level!” After that,

he carefully smoothed his hair with his palms, and said “You guys keep watching here, I’m going to find Julia!”


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