The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6190

At the same time.

charlie drove the inconspicuous Chevrolet, carrying the nervous and anxious Gunbir, to the outskirts of Zano Manor.

The two of them could see from the outside that Zano Manor was very busy at this time. The entire manor was brightly lit, and a large number of mafia members in black suits stood upright on both sides of the door, as if they were waiting for someone important.

charlie saw this from a distance and couldn’t help but smile, “It seems we are here today. The Zano family seems to be having some major event.

” He swallowed his saliva and asked charlie, “Mr. Wade, at first glance, there are at least hundreds of people. Do we really want to go in and cause trouble?”

charlie smiled and said, “Didn’t I say, I want to put on a show with them ?” Come on, just follow me later. You will do whatever I say, just look at my eyes.”

After saying that, charlie added, “But if you are really worried, I can go by myself.”

Gunbir said without hesitation He said, “Mr. Wade, I am indeed worried, but I am not afraid! As long as you tell me what to do, I will do it!” “

Okay.” charlie nodded and said, “Let’s wait for a good time. “

At this moment, in Zano Manor.

Antonio paced to the door of his daughter Julia’s room. He paced at the door for a moment, then stepped forward and knocked on the door.

“Julia, it’s me, dad.”

There was no response in the room.

Antonio had no choice but to patiently say outside the door, “Julia, you have to know that our Sicilian tradition is that everything is for the family. I am sitting in this position today not for my personal honor, disgrace and wealth, but for The future of our Zano family, and I hope you can, like me, always put the interests of the family first!”

In the room, a young girl angrily rebuked, “Everything for the family is just your personal thoughts and wishes. You can’t impose your personal thoughts and wishes on me! In that case, I would rather leave this family!” Antonio said angrily,

“Listen to what bastards you are saying! Don’t forget that you are a A girl with the blood of Xixi Islanders flowing in her bones! Girls from Xixi Island, even if they get married or change their surname, they must never forget their family! The imprint of the family is left in the blood and bones of every Xixi Islander And in the soul!”

“f*ck your family brand!” the girl said angrily. “From today on, I will take my mother’s surname! I am no longer Julia Zano! I am Julia Chiricella ! I have long been tired of the surname Zano!”

“How dare you!” Antonio banged the door furiously, furious.He shouted angrily, “Julia, if you insist on confronting me, then I will send you to Sicily overnight, to your cousin’s farm, and let you shave wool there for the rest of your life!” in the room

! The girl fell silent for a moment.

Antonio’s mood was not calmed down at all. When he saw that his daughter did not respond, he continued to roar aggressively, “Julia, don’t think that this matter can get over without talking! I will give you three seconds to think about it. If you are sure you want to If you go against me, then I will arrange for you to go to the airport now!”

After that, he raised his voice a little and shouted, “One! Two!”

The girl in the room shouted nervously, “Okay, okay! I listen to you! I It’s all up to you!”

Antonio then calmed down a little and said in a cold voice, “That’s more or less the same! Remember! A Sicilian girl will serve her family all her life!” The girl

inside said helplessly, “Okay, everything you said is right. Now please leave first, I need some time to dress up!”

Antonio said coldly, “I will give you ten minutes, and I will wait for you here for these ten minutes!”

The girl had to say, “Whatever you want, you have to be willing No one will stop you.”

Antonio sneered and reminded, “Julia, I advise you not to try to escape by climbing through the window, because I have already arranged people to watch outside your window. If you climb out of the window, they will catch you and take you directly to the car to take you to the airport!”

The girl was immediately furious, “You bastard!”

Antonio was not angry even after being scolded by his daughter, and said with a smile, “Remember Come on, Julia, a Sicilian girl who will serve her family all her life! If you betray the family, you will bring shame on my face. I would rather let you shear sheep in Sicily for the rest of your life than let you become the shame of the family.” The girl was hysterical

. shouted “Antonio Zano! I hate you!”

Antonio said, “You can hate me, Julia, but remember…”

Before Antonio could speak, the girl inside shouted loudly, “A Sicilian girl, spend her whole life for Family! I already know! Don’t say any more!”

Antonio smiled and said, “It’s good that you know!”

Ten minutes later, the door opened, revealing a tall, brown-haired, green-eyed, beautiful woman wearing a white evening gown. The girl walked out of the room.

This girl is Antonio’s daughter, Julia Zano.


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