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Amazing Son-in-law Chinese Novel Introduction

Charlie wade is the Poor  door-to-door son-in-law that everyone looks down on, but no one knows his true identity is the eldest young master of the top family. Those who look down on him will eventually kneel in front of him and call him in fear!Door-to-Door Son-in-law Charlie  & cleri Novel (Charismatic Charlie wade & Claire Novel)

Who said that a son-in-law has no dignity? A normal man married into woman’s family as a son-in-law. After despised by the relatives of his wife for three years, he suddenly get trillion-dollar of heritage from his own family. Then the cowardly life was no more. “Come on, let your mother serve me a cup of tea, then I’ll consider to arrange your little brother with a decent job” Let us witness how Charlie spins destiny and become the amazing son-in-law!

CHAPTER 2503 – 2863

CHAPTER 2864 – 3000

CHAPTER 3000 – 3500

Attractive lights and also illuminants illuminated the luxurious Wilson family members manor. Tonight was the 70th birthday banquet of Lady Wilson, the head of the Wilson household. Her grandchildren and also their spouses collected around her to hand her their glamorous presents.

” Grandmother, I listened to that you enjoy the Chinese tea. I hunted for the century-old pu’er tea worth half a million bucks to present it to you.”

” Grandma you are a passionate Buddhist this Buddha sculpture is carved from aesthetic hetian jade, it is worth seven hundred thousand dollars …”.

Taking a look at the nicely covered presents in front of her, Lady Wilson giggled heartily. The whole ambiance was harmonious and also happy.

All Of A Sudden, Charlie Wade Wade, Girl Wilson’s eldest grandson-in-law, talked, “Granny, could you lend me a million dollars, please? Mrs. Lewis from the welfare residence is diagnosed with uremia as well as I require the money for her therapy …”.

The whole Wilson Family members was cast in extreme shock. Not only did he not prepare a present for Lady Wilson on her birthday however he in fact had the audacity to ask her for one million dollars!

Three years earlier, Lord Wilson, who was still alive and also well, had come home with Charlie Wade one day and also demanded weding him to their granddaughter, Claire Wilson Wilson. At that time, Charlie Wade was as bad and miserable as a beggar.

Lord Wilson had actually died after they got married. Since then, every person in the Wilson family members attempted to kick him out of the household. Charlie Wade was constantly detached and also casual like a statuary despite the insults as well as ridicule, as well as he invested his days in the Wilson household silently as a live-in son-in-law.

He was at his wit’s end that he had to obtain cash from Woman Wilson today.

Mrs Lewis, who had taken him in and also conserved his life, had uremia. She required at the very least one million bucks for dialysis and a kidney transplant. He had nothing else ideas with the exception of requesting woman Wilson’s assistance.

He really felt that given that it was her birthday celebration today, she may be thrilled to have some grace and also offer her assistance. Nevertheless, Lady Wilson was still laughing gleefully when suddenly her lips curled down as well as her eyes furrowed indignantly.

She hurled the teacup in her hand to the flooring and also ground, “Bastard! Are you right here to celebrate my birthday celebration or obtain cash?”.

Claire Wilson hurried onward as well as stated “Grandma, Charlie Wade is not assuming directly, please forgive him.” She after that pulled her spouse aside frantically.

At this moment, Wendy, Claire Wilson Wilson’s relative sneered in disdain. “Claire Wilson Wilson, consider the item of trash you’re wed to! Gerold is only my future husband as well as we have not even gotten married yet however he gifted Grandmother the Jade Buddha. Look at your good-for-nothing partner not just did he come empty-handed however he likewise has the nerve to ask Granny for cash!”.

” You’re right! Charlie Wade, we’re both the Grandsons in law of the Wilson family but you’re such a disgrace!”.


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