The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5331

charlie replied, “We have just arrived at the airport, and we will start checking in immediately.

” That’s great, the captain said we don’t need to get off the plane, just wait for you on the plane.”

charlie replied, “That’s right, you just wait on the plane, we’ll be right there.”

After replying to Lisa’s message, charlie  then said, “The plane has already landed, or let’s go through the formalities quickly.”

After that, he said to Fei Kexin, “Miss Fei, after passing the security check, you will be out of the customs, so don’t send it in.” Let’s go back quickly.”

Fei Kexin felt reluctant, but still nodded with a smile, and said, “Master Wade, Claire, Aunt , you all have a good journey, so I won’t see you off.”

Elaine blurted out “Oh, I heard them say that you can’t fly with the wind, the plane will fall down with the wind, and I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

charlie smiled and said, “Mom, don’t listen to their nonsense, the plane only needs to go against the wind when it takes off.” Fly, after flying into the sky, the tailwind can fly faster, originally it could arrive in 10 hours, but if the wind is tailwind, maybe it will arrive in 8 hours.”

“That’s it…” Elaine murmured, “The last time I came to America , souna asked my circle of friends to wish me a smooth journey, but I scolded her all the way in my heart, it seems that I wrongly blamed her.”

charlie not only burst out laughing, but then Oscar and Claire prepared to go through the security check together.

After saying goodbye to Fei Kexin, the three passed through the security check and customs, and boarded the plane directly from the parking stand outside the VIP building.

Elaine’s legs and feet are inconvenient, and the airport specially sent two service personnel to help her along the way.

On the plane, Mrs. Lewis, Lisa, and Claudia saw charlie boarding the plane, and they all stood up quickly to say hello, especially Lisa and Claudia, when they saw charlie, they all shouted shyly in unison, ” Brother charlie.”

charlie grinned at the two of them, and asked, “How are you two doing?”

“It’s pretty good.” Lisa smiled and said, “Recently, we are both very excited when we think about going back to Aurous Hill. We have to talk about Aurous Hill for a long time at night.”

charlie nodded, looked at Claudia, and said with a smile, “Claudia, while it’s still summer vacation time, you still have time to get used to it when you arrive in Aurous Hill. When the time comes, let Lisa take you around to get to know the customs of Aurous Hill.”

Claudia nodded lightly, and said seriously, “Okay, brother Charlie, thank you,…” On the

side Lisa smiled and said, “Brother charlie, don’t forget that Claudia’s mother came from Aurous Hill. Speaking of which, Aurous Hill is Claudia’s grandma’s home.”

charlie smiled and said, “Really, Do you have any relatives in Aurous Hill?”

“No.” Claudia shook her head and said, “My grandpa and grandma have both passed away, and an uncle is also abroad, and I haven’t had much contact with him, so this year basically There are no relatives anymore, and some of them are distant relatives who haven’t met very much, and can’t even pronounce their names.”

charlie smiled and said, “It’s okay, there are Mrs. Lewis, Lisa, and me, we are all you relatives.”

Claudia was moved and nodded heavily.

At this time, charlie introduced to Mrs. Lewis, “By the way, Mrs. Lewis, let me introduce my mother-in-law to you.”.

As he said that, he gestured to Elaine, and then said to Elaine, “Mom, this is Mrs. Lewis from the orphanage. You should have heard of it.”

“I have, I have heard of it!” Elaine looked at Mrs. Lewis said in amazement, “I used to hear charlie talk about you every day!” While speaking

, Elaine couldn’t help recalling that when Mrs. Xiao celebrated her birthday, charlie suddenly asked Lend one million to see a doctor for this Mrs. Lewis.

At that time, I really hated charlie who had no eyesight, but who would have thought that now charlie has become a wealthy son-in-law who can’t even ask for it.

Thinking of this, she quickly said to Mrs. Lewis, “Oh, it was really hard for charlie to treat your illness, and our family also tried their best to help…”


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