The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5333

Elaine stood by the roadside at the exit of the airport and kept calling Jacob, but she couldn’t get through.

She didn’t see and cursed, “This damn Jacob, I don’t know where he died, and he hasn’t answered my calls.”

Claire asked her, “Mom, are you sure you told him the time?”

Elaine was very annoyed Said, “Of course I made it clear to him, he has already promised me on the phone, who knows why he hasn’t shown up yet and didn’t answer the call, it’s really unreliable.”

Claire also quickly took out his phone , called Jacob, but no one answered the phone as Elaine said.

She said with a very nervous expression, “Dad, he must have had some accident… It’s not time to sleep yet, why can’t you get through the phone?”

charlie quickly persuaded, “My wife, don’t think about it, Dad The body is quite good, if there is any accident, it is possible that if it is not complete, it may be due to falling asleep, let me say that we should go home and have a look first!”

“Yes!” Claire agreed very much, “Hurry up and go home, if Dad is not here At home, let’s go out and look for it, if it doesn’t work, call the police!”

Elaine on the side said very unhappily, “Go home? How do you go home? Your dad didn’t drive over to pick you up, how do we go back?”

Claire subconsciously Said, “Let’s take a taxi and go back.”

“Taxi?!” Elaine said with an exaggerated expression, “Your mother and I are also celebrities. In New York and Bedford Hills Correctional Institution, your mother and I are the most famous heads.” No. 1 person, I’ve been back in private jets all the way. It’s fine if you don’t let me take a Rolls-Royce after getting off the plane. If you don’t get me a Mercedes-Benz or BMW, let me take a taxi. Where do I put my face? “

Claire said helplessly, “Oh, Mom, what time is it? You still pay attention to these things. Let’s go home and see what’s wrong with Dad. The most important thing is!” As

he said, before Elaine could reply, he quickly stretched out his hand to stop him. Get a roadside taxi.

Seeing charlie and Claire open the car door and prepare to go up, Elaine said with a depressed face, “Claire, at least you can call a luxury car or something, and get a broken Jetta, how shabby!”

Claire saw her mother With such a human nature, he couldn’t help saying angrily, “If you want to take a luxury car, then you can wait here, and charlie and I will go back first.” After finishing speaking

, he opened the door and sat in.

Seeing this, Elaine immediately lost her persistence and could only sit in the co-pilot resentfully.

As soon as she entered the co-pilot, she frowned, covered her nose and said to the driver, “I said master, why does your taxi smell so heavy?” The

master said casually, “Is there a smell of smoke?”

“Yes !” Elaine blurted out in a bad tone, “It’s all smell of smoke, can’t you smell it? Is that nose on top of your mouth?” The

master curled his lips, “The smell of smoke is naturally because I smoke. What’s the fuss?”

Elaine said angrily, “How can you smoke in the taxi? You have no sense of service, right?”

The master was also a little angry, his eyes widened, and he said, “That is I smoked when I parked, and I didn’t smoke when you came up. The taxi company stipulates that we are not allowed to smoke in front of passengers. I’m not allowed to smoke at other times?”

Elaine said angrily, “You have to figure it out, the taxi is your service place, you have to keep your service place clean and clean, and the air is fresh. Weier, are you still reasonable?”

The master choked, “This service place belongs to the taxi company, not mine. I just drive. If you are not satisfied with anything, you can go to the taxi company to give advice. “

As he spoke, the master muttered dissatisfiedly, “It’s just a cigarette, what’s the fuss about it, your old man doesn’t smoke?”

Elaine rolled his eyes at him, and hummed, “Smoke.”

The master continued, “That’s it. You can smell the smoke at home, and you can smell the smoke when you go out. What’s the differen


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