The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5342

Jacob said depressedly, “Isn’t he just reading more books than me? Is there anything better than me?”

charlie seriously said, “Dad, he is better at work than you. He is a specially-appointed professor and vice president of the School of Finance and Economics. If he is willing to go to Eastcliff, Tsinghua University will rush to invite him to go there, and his living habits are better than yours. The management is also better than yours. She runs and works out every day. She is fifty years old and looks like she is in her thirties. It just so happens that Auntie Matilda also likes to run, and her body management is also very good. The two must have all kinds of things in common. The topic, Aunt Matilda is with him, it is the best choice, I believe that the two of them will be very happy in their later years.”

Jacob was so depressed that he died, and choked up, “charlie, are you here to persuade me or to give me Adding trouble? Let you speak as if your Auntie Matilda was right to give up on me.”

charlie nodded, and said seriously, “Not only is it right, but it is very right.”

charlie is very clear that once things like feelings are reduced to Pain, we must cut the mess quickly.

It was as if there was a small wound on one leg, but the wound festered repeatedly and did not heal, so the leg must be cut off decisively, otherwise, the whole body would be affected.

Jacob’s behavior style, as he himself said, is so cowardly to death, not only to Elaine, but also to himself, how could he give himself heavy medicine to heal his psychological pain?

Therefore, this kind of thing can only be done by my son-in-law.

So, he patted Jacob on the shoulder and comforted him, “Dad, forget it, admit defeat, Professor Hank is much better than you in all aspects, don’t look at you living in a big villa and opening Cullinan, you really use your own strength Let’s compare, eight of you can’t compare to Professor Hank alone, Aunt Matilda is with him, you should be convinced to lose, if you still have any unwilling thoughts in your heart, it’s a sign of overestimation.”

“Who said that?” Jacob was extremely confused, but he still said bravely, “I think I should hurry up and make a change now, and I won’t be any worse than Hank!”

charlie said with a smile, “What are you doing ?” If you can’t beat someone, you still insist on a sneak attack. What’s the use of talking about it? If you are really in the ring, you will die if you force yourself to fight for a few more rounds! Tell yourself, what is your own condition than Professor Hank? you can say anything, whatever! I don’t want to say anything else, Professor Hank dares to love and hate, dare to speak out loudly if he loves, pursues in an open and honest way, this alone will throw you away Thousands of miles away.”

“I…” Jacob didn’t know how to argue.

Hank is indeed better than him in every aspectToo much show, this time I went to South Korea for cultural exchanges, and what Hank did on the project really made everyone amazed, and the level directly killed all the participants on both sides.

Moreover, when Hank gave a speech on stage, he could switch between Chinese, English, and Korean at will, and he could speak at his fingertips. His personality and charm made a lot of old Korean women stunned for a while.

During the period of cultural exchanges, there were at least seven or eight old Korean ladies who confessed to him, and there were many of them glamorous young women, but Jacob was so envious.

It is also because Hank is so good that Jacob has always felt inferior in front of him, but inferiority comes from inferiority. Jacob still has one thing to comfort himself, that is, Hank likes Matilda, but Matilda likes herself.

Although he is not as good as him in every way, at least he has won against Matilda once.

However, Jacob never expected that, seeing that the cultural exchange was coming to an end, the members participating in the exchange between China and South Korea held a dance party. Who would have thought that Hank was not only knowledgeable and good-natured, but he could even go on stage and play the guitar by himself? An English song was sung, he played the guitar well and sang even better, which made Jacob jealous to death.

Moreover, from Jacob’s point of view, Hank was really urging. After singing an English love song, he actually confessed his love to Matilda in public. Matilda is willing to accept herself, and if she is willing, she can dance with herself.

As a result, she never expected that amidst the cheers of the crowd, Matilda stood up and walked onto the stage. After that, the two performed a twist dance that was very popular in the United States in the last century.

Everyone at the scene was impressed by the perfect match between the two, except Jacob, who felt completely defeated and his life fell to the bottom all of a sudden.

So from that day on, Jacob was completely decadent.

Back in Aurous Hill, he shut himself up at home for more than a week, smoking and drinking to anesthetize himself every day, until today.

However, Jacob’s pain is pain, but he can’t look at the gap between himself and Hank objectively, so he has been aggrieved all the time, hating Hank for taking away the love of his life, and even more hating Matilda for empathizing.

However, now that he heard charlie’s heart-pounding words, he finally came to his senses, and finally realized the gap between himself and Hank.

Thinking of his opponent, who is completely crushing him, Jacob felt sad and cried like a child.

charlie was about to take advantage of the situation to comfort him, but Claire suddenly rushed out of the elevator and said anxiously, “Husband, something happened! Mom called 110 and got into an argument with the police!”


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