The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5352

Elaine asked dumbfounded, “What are you talking about?! You also ordered a Cullinan?”

“Yes. “souna took out a folder made of leather from the co-pilot’s door storage compartment, handed it to Elaine, and said, “Look for yourself, the deposit is one million, but the order cycle for this car is relatively short. It’s been a long time, the sales said that it will take half a year at the earliest, and when it’s over, I’ll show you the difference between the new model and the old model.”

Elaine looked down at the folder, and immediately saw the two letter r logos on it.

She quickly opened the folder, and inside was a contract for ordering a car, the total price of the configuration sheet was 9.1 million, and the person who booked the car was written by souna!

Not only that, but there is also a receipt issued by the Rolls-Royce 4S store. The content inside is indeed that souna has received Cullinan’s deposit of one million yuan…

At this moment, Elaine was completely defensive Collapsing, according to her own rough calculations, souna can earn more than 10 million a year with the goods, and souna has just started working, and at most she can earn a car. How can she be so rich? ? Seeing that souna had already sat in the cab, she asked her from the bottom of her heart, “souna

, how on earth did you earn so much money?”

I made some money by speculating in futures.”

As soon as Elaine heard souna’s words, she knew that she was completely fooling herself, and she probably didn’t expect that she had stumbled into her live broadcast room by accident yesterday.

Thinking of this, Elaine pretended to be surprised and said, “Are you speculating in futures now? I saw that you made so much money, and I thought you were also imitating other people’s live streaming.Are you saying that live broadcasting is very popular now? That makes money faster than stealing money! The most powerful anchor, it is said that he earns more than ten or two billion a year! “

souna smiled unnaturally, and said casually, “Hey! Elaine, let me tell you, live broadcasting is a new thing for young people to play. We are all old ladies who have started to go to sixth grade. How can we play those things well! Besides, you just said that the head anchors who make money are young, handsome, young and beautiful celebrities, and there are many first-line stars and big entrepreneurs who go to live broadcast to bring goods. Only such people can make money. Others don’t play at all. “

As she spoke, she did not forget to remind her, “Let me tell you, Elaine, don’t study such illusory things if you have nothing to do, it’s useless!” It is better to study the stock market and futures, this is the serious way to make a fortune! After saying this, souna said again, “

Oh, by the way, if you have spare money, you can gather it together. Later, I will ask my master to recommend some futures and stocks to you. I guarantee you can make a lot of money!” When

Elaine heard this, she was already cursing in her heart, “Your grandma’s souna, you are really fucking good at pretending!” I rely on the live broadcast or stand up, and I am still talking about the live broadcast or illusory, and the most annoying thing is to tell my old lady not to touch it, you fucking… If my old lady hadn’t brushed you last night, I’m afraid I really believed it Your nonsense! It’s fine if you don’t tell the truth, but you still want to fool my mother into speculating in stocks and futures. Do you want my mother to go bankrupt? ! “

Thinking of this, Elaine cursed angrily in her heart, “Aren’t you a bastard just because you are afraid that my old lady will find a chance to turn around in the live broadcast industry like you? The more you don’t want my mother to touch the live broadcast, the more I will touch it! Just wait, my mother may not be worse than you in live broadcasting! I’ll give it a try when I come back tonight! Maybe my old lady can earn tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in one night! “


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