The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5354

Nineteen nine to buy a bunch of garbage bags, twenty-nine nine to buy a bunch of plastic wrap made of disposable shower caps, ninety-nine to buy five towels that I don’t know if they are pure cotton, even if the quality is not good, at least they can make do use.

Garbage bags are of poor quality, but you can decorate them less;

although you don’t know if the plastic wrap will be dry or not, it can also play a little role in covering leftovers;

even if you can’t use a towel to wash your face, you can always use it as a rag .

Anyway, the price of these things is not high, and consumers just think of it as a way to show their love when they buy something. After all, seeing someone sending out water drops and being really touched, they have to donate a hundred and eighty yuan, not to mention that they can get goods, killing two birds with one stone. .

Moreover, this kind of thingIt is also very troublesome to return the goods. You have to submit a return application for review, place an order to pick up the package, pack it and wait for the delivery to come to your door, and finally pay the delivery fee.

The courier fee itself is not transparent. Large customers only need a little more than two yuan, and they can send it anywhere in the country. Individual express delivery costs at least ten yuan.

Therefore, for consumers, rather than spending a lot of trouble, it may be more cost-effective to keep things.

Because she has maintained a very low return rate, she also uses this to ask the brand to increase her commission.

For example, for yesterday’s towels, if someone else brought them in, the commission for one transaction was 20 yuan, but because souna brought the goods and rarely returned them, her commission was as high as 30, which was 30 yuan per order.

The brand side is also willing to give her a higher commission. After all, after all, the profit margin brought by souna is much higher than that of ordinary anchors.

And souna sold 1.1 million yuan yesterday. According to the return rate of 5, her commission is as high as 310,000 yuan before tax.

But yesterday was not the peak of souna’s live broadcast.

The time for charlie and the others to return was Saturday noon in New York time, that is, Sunday morning in China time.

After more than ten hours of flying, when charlie and the others landed, it was Sunday night in China time.

The peak of live streaming is on Friday night, all day on Saturday, and during the day on Sunday. On Sunday night, the traffic drops a lot.

Just two days ago, on Friday night, souna’s live studio sold more than two million yuan. On Saturday, she broadcast two shows in the afternoon and evening, and sold a total of three million yuan. One and a half million more, on Sunday night, that is, last night, it was sold for 1.1 million.

In other words, souna’s live broadcast sales reached 8 million in one weekend, and the pre-tax commission is basically equal to this Mercedes-Benz big g.

souna dared to order a Rolls-Royce Cullinan just because she was making money so fast. After all, she only needed to pay one million up front to order the car. After one month, the full price of this Cullinan You’ve earned it!

Seeing that Elaine still got into souna’s car, charlie sighed helplessly that his nature was hard to change, and then he didn’t think about it any more. He connected Cullinan’s battery to the BMW, and drove out.

After going out, charlie called Claudia and asked her to wait for him in the new home prepared by Isaac Cameron for her and Mrs. Lewis. Relationship, go there today and finish Claudia’s admission application.

Isaac Cameron has been cultivating in Aurous Hill for many years, and is also the spokesperson of the Wade family. His local connections can be said to be pervasive, and Aurous Hill University is naturally no problem. This time, he has already found a relationship for Claudia in advance. After Diya arrives in Aurous Hill, she just needs to go to the school with the necessary documents and go through the motions.

According to the address, charlie navigated to a villa area by the river. It is not far from the city, and not far from the large comprehensive welfare home that charlie will invest in. It is very convenient for Mrs. Lewis and Lisa to work in the welfare home in the future.

However, it is a little far away from Aurous Hill University. Fortunately, Aurous Hill is not too big. If you are commuting by bus, it takes about half an hour to go one way.

The university’s learning tasks are not heavy, so after Claudia enters school, she can consider living on campus, taking part-time studies, or taking both.

The villa arranged by Isaac Cameron has a usable area of ​​more than 400 square meters. Although it is not large in the villa, it is not like the Tomson Yipin where charlie lives. It is divided into three floors above the ground and two floors underground. The house in this villa area, All are on the ground, so the utilization rate of the area is very high.

Moreover, this house was developed by a local developer friend of Isaac Cameron’s hardcover. Isaac Cameron knew the quality of the house’s construction and decoration, so he felt more at ease when buying a house here. charlie parked the car at the entrance of the villa. As soon as he got out of the car, Lisa

waved to charlie in the yard, “Brother charlie!” Seeing that she seemed to be dealing with green plants in the yard, charlie asked with a smile, “Why did you get up so early in the morning to clean up the yard?”

Lisa smiled and said, “There are a lot of green plants and flowers in the yard, but I feel that the layers are not well matched, so I want to adjust it.”

charlie asked her, “Where is Mrs. Lewis?”

“Go shopping.” Lisa said, ” There is a big supermarket not far from the community, and there are all kinds of daily necessities at home, so Mrs. Lewis just turned on the fire to cook if she wanted to buy some food.”


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