The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5356

However, charlie’s words made her realize that charlie really regarded her as a relative, and regarded her as a younger sister who needed careful care.

This also made the feeling of not belonging like duckweed in her heart be diluted by most of it in an instant.

charlie then continued, “In the next four years, you can work and live in Aurous Hill. When you graduate from university, if you want to continue your studies, I will fully support you. If you want to work, I will fully support you. If you tell me Me, you are always in Aurous Hill, even in China, you can’t find a sense of belonging, and if you want to go back to Canada, I will personally send you back. I just want you to know that from now on, as a brother, I will do my best As far as I can, no matter where you are, you will have no worries.”

Claudia was moved by charlie’s words, her eyes were red, and while she nodded repeatedly, tears fell silently.

charlie grew up in the orphanage. He understood Claudia’s mood at this moment too well. Back then, he was completely ignorant of everything Tang Sihai had arranged. He curled up in a corner of the dormitory of the Aurous Hill orphanage and cried until dawn. I don’t know how sad and desperate I am.

Today, Claudia is going through almost the same process as she was then.

That’s why he pays special attention to Claudia, hoping to use his attitude and actions to untie all the knots in her heart and face her future life calmly and optimistically.

Therefore, charlie told Claudia about his experience in the orphanage, hoping that she could find resonance with him.

When charlie described her mental state in detail back then, Claudia really felt a strong resonance in her heart. It was also at this moment that she suddenly realized that charlie might be the one who understands herself best in this world. .

Even Lisa couldn’t do this.

Because, Lisa was abandoned and adopted since birth, and then was taken into an orphanage, and she and charlie were both the happiest children in the world who thought they had everything, but in the end they just watched helplessly. All this was brutally taken away.

Lisa had never experienced this kind of trauma, so she couldn’t really understand Claudia’s heart.

The two chatted all the way, not only did Claudia feel that she had found resonance with charlie, but charlie also found the same feeling from this girl who was ten years younger than herself.

Fortunately, neither of them is that kind of pessimist, so they talked a lot about common topics, and soon they talked about a different kind of optimism that is indescribable and detailed from the same painful experience.

During the chat, the car had already arrived at the gate of Aurous Hill University.

At this time, Aurous Hill University was on vacation, but what charlie didn’t expect was that there were many staff members at the gate of the school, busy preparing for something, and even blocked the way of the car.

charlie briefly honked the horn, and a staff member hurried over and said sorry to charlie, “Excuse me, sir, we have to pull up a banner and pull up your car before we can pass, otherwise your car will definitely be taken away when it passes by.” The banner was crushed.”

charlie nodded understandingly, and said, “It’s okay, then I’ll wait for a while.”

“Thank you, we can finish it in a few minutes.”

The man thanked him, turned around and went to get busy with other colleagues.

Soon, a red banner was pulled up from both sides of the school gate and hung high above the archway of the school gate.

charlie looked up and saw the banner saying “Warmly welcome Mr. and Mrs. Qiu Yingshan to our school.”

charlie seemed to have heard of the name Qiu Yingshan, but for a while he forgot where he had heard it.

At this time, the staff member ran over and asked politely, “What are you going in for?”

charlie said, “I have an appointment with Mr. Isaac Cameron and Mr..”

The man suddenly realized, and hurriedly said, “Mr.  has already Go in, please do too!


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