The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5359

At a young age, Claudia lost interest in material and money when her peers first realized the importance of it.

The tragic death of her family made her take these things very lightly. In this life, she does not expect to be rich, nor does she pursue a good life or a high social status. She only hopes to respect her own. Live well in your heart, so that the spirits of your family members in heaven can feel relieved.

Therefore, looking at so many majors, she has no interest in other majors, but archaeology makes her yearn for it.

This is not only because she wants to know more about Huaxia, but also because she wants to avoid dealing with too many people as much as possible.

What archaeologists face every day are all kinds of historical sites and cultural relics, and the major is unpopular, and there are not many classmates, which is more in line with Claudia’s selection criteria.

So, she made up her mind on the spot to apply for archaeology.

And charlie is also very supportive of this. He knows that the majors that many college students apply for are not the ones they like. The scores of cultural subjects have dropped enough, and the same is true for music and physical education.

As for those students admitted to ordinary universities, because of their scores, they may not be able to choose their favorite majors. As long as their scores are not high enough, they basically have to settle for the next best thing, or even compromise and obey adjustments.

And Claudia can clearly know what she wants, which is already luckier than most college students.

Seeing that Claudia had made up her mind, Director immediately nodded and said, “Since you really like archeology, then I’ll arrange for you to go to the Department of Archeology.”

Then, he took out a bunch of forms, took out a pen, handed it to Claudia, and said, “Your conditions in all aspects have met our requirements for recruiting international students, so you should use these forms completely according to your real situation.” Just fill it in. All the items with asterisks must be filled in, and the others can be left blank. After you fill it out and give it to me, I will arrange for someone to make the admission notice, but our admission notice will be later. I just produced and sent a batch together, and the next batch may have to wait for about a week, and I will arrange to mail it to you as soon as possible.”

Claudia nodded and thanked her, “Thank you for your hard work Director smiled slightly, looked at Isaac Cameron on

the side, and said seriously, “My friendship with Mr. isaac is here. There is no need to say thank you for this matter. In the future, at Aurous Hill University, if you need help with anything, feel free to contact me. I will contact, and I will deal with it as soon as possible.”

Then, he took out a business card from the business card holder on the desk, handed it to Claudia, and said, “It has my mobile phone number on it, 24 Turn on the phone every hour.”

Claudia thanked again, and then began to fill in her personal information.

When she filled in the emergency contact column, she saw an asterisk on it, so she paused slightly, but quickly bypassed this column, and after filling in the other contents, she said, “Director , can you write this emergency contact later? My godmother and sister have just returned from Canada, and I haven’t had time to get a domestic mobile phone number.”

Director nodded, and said casually, “It’s okay, I can add it later, Just don’t forget.”

charlie said at this time, “Claudia, just fill in my mobile phone number. If there is any emergency, contacting me is more effective than contacting Mrs. Lewis.”

Claudia briefly Hesitating, she nodded lightly, picked up the pen again, and wrote the word charlie on this column, then looked at charlie with big blue eyes, and asked softly, “Brother charlie, what is your phone number?” ?”


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