The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5362

Director  nodded, “I just happened to send you down.”

When the four of them arrived downstairs, a group of school leaders were already waiting here. Director  hurried over to line up after saying goodbye to the three of them. Isaac Cameron looked at charlie and asked respectfully, “Young master, what other arrangements do you have?”

charlie said, “I’m fine, I’ll send Claudia back first, and have a meal at Mrs. Lewis’s new home at noon.”

Then, charlie said again, “By the way, I brought Abbas  with me at that time .” A group of soldiers from the Dragon Palace rescued an old lady and her only son in Mexico, please contact Abbas and ask him for the old lady’s home address, I will pay a visit in the next few days.”

Isaac Cameron When I went to Mexico with Don Albert, charlie and Wanlongdian had wiped out the entire Crazy Juarez. He didn’t know the details very well, but his style of doing things was straightforward, so he agreed immediately without asking anything. Come down and say, “Okay young master, I’ll contact Master Abbas  later.”

charlie nodded and said, “Then I’ll go first, today is the bottom of the pot for Mrs. Lewis and the others, I’ll prepare some gifts. “

Isaac Cameron immediately said, “Okay young master, I will report to you in the afternoon after I have connected with Master Wan Dian.”

“Okay.” charlie nodded approvingly, and then said to Claudia, “Let’s go.”

Claudia nodded obediently, and sat on the co-pilot of charlie’s BMW.

charlie started the car and drove towards the school gate.

At the same time, a black Rolls-Royce Phantom, escorted by three Cadillacs, drove slowly towards the main gate of Aurous Hill University.

Qiu Yingshan and his wife were sitting in the back of the phantom.

The driver in the car had been with Qiu Yingshan for forty years , Qiu Yingshan’s most trusted subordinate.

The co-pilot was Lin Wan’er (Alani).

Qiu Yingshan saw the banner hanging outside the school gate at this time, and couldn’t help saying angrily, “This old Xue! I told him not to make public, don’t make public, why did he hang up the banner! “

As he said, he looked at Lin Wan’er (Alani) and asked, “Miss, I’m afraid this is not safe for your identity, is it?” “

Lin Wan’er (Alani) smiled and said, “It’s okay. People of your level should come to Aurous Hill openly. If they were really sneaky, it would be tricky if people found out. Anyone who is 10 years old will find it strange to go to a school where he has donated a lot of money and hide it. I think it is very good and natural. “

Speaking, Lin Wan’er (Alani) said again, “But I won’t get out of the car later, you meet them first, and then let me know when you talk about my going to school, and then I will go up by myself. “

Qiu Yingshan agreed without hesitation, and said respectfully, “Okay miss! At

this moment, the convoy had already entered the main gate of Aurous Hill University, and Lin Wan’er (Alani) became obviously curious at this moment, and began to look around at the school she was about to enroll in.

At the same time, a BMW car in the opposite lane was far away . It drove over, and sitting in the front row of this car were charlie and Claudia!


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