The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5365

The architectural design of Aurous Hill University is still very sophisticated overall.

Because it is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, the cultural background here is very profound, so when the new campus was built, it also fully considered the local cultural characteristics of Aurous Hill, and the overall modernity has a bit of simplicity and solemnity, which made Lin Waner (Alani) shine. .

She walked around the campus, and suddenly saw a lush green hill not far away, and muttered to herself, “There should be Qixia Mountain there… Sure enough, seeing it is better than being famous…”

After that, she didn’t know what to think of, Those beautiful eyes were suddenly covered with a mist of sadness.

On the other side, Qiu Yingshan and his wife, surrounded by all the stars, visited the campus of Aurous Hill University roughly. In the middle, Qiu Yingshan found an opportunity to pull the old principal Mukesh aside, and said, “Bro Mukesh, this time I Come on, I need your help with something else.”

Hearing this, Mukesh quickly said, “Old Mr. Qiu, why are you being so polite to me! I, Mukesh, said something sincerely, Aurous Hill University can have such a big Development, I have always been very grateful to you in my heart, and I have always wanted to repay your kindness, but I never thought that I would have no chance until I retire. Now if you can use me in any place, I would like to do my best for you!”

Although Mukesh is very Can talk, but there is no exaggeration in these words.

He has been retired for many years, and his retirement life is full and rich, and his children and grandchildren are also very competitive. At his age, he no longer needs to please anyone against his will.

And he really admired and appreciated Qiu Yingshan from the bottom of his heart.

In that era, it was actually very rare to be able to spend so much money to help a domestic university develop and build, and Mukesh always kept it in mind.

Seeing Mukesh’s sincere expression, Qiu Yingshan said, “Actually, it’s not a big deal. It’s the great-granddaughter of a distant cousin of mine. She just graduated from high school in Malaysia this year. The family had arranged to send her to study in the United States, but she suddenly changed. My idea is to come to Huaxia to study, my cousin heard that I am going to visit Aurous Hill, and knows that I have some connections with Aurous Hill University, so he wants me to contact her to see if Aurous Hill University can accept her.”

Mukesh asked in surprise, “Old Mr. Qiu, this is what you are talking about?”

“Yes.” Qiu Yingshan nodded, “I hope she can come to Aurous Hill University to study as an undergraduate.”

It’s up to me, and I’ll say hello to Qin Yun later, this kind of thing is just a matter of little effort.”

Qiu Yingshan smiled slightly and said, “That’s good, so I can do business when I go back.”

Mukesh hurriedly asked, “What is the child planning?” When is it time to come?”

Qiu Yingshan said, “I’ve already come, but I didn’t get off the car just now, this little girl is rather withdrawn and doesn’t like crowded places.”

“Understood.” Mukesh nodded, and said, “Well, for a while Let’s go back to the Academic Affairs Building after the visit, and settle the children’s schooling first.”

“Okay!” Qiu Yingshan said with a smile, “Then it’s hard work for you to arrange it!”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) looked at Qixia Mountain for a long time, and she was still in a daze. It wasn’t until she suddenly received a message on her mobile phone that her thoughts were brought back to reality.

She turned on her phone and saw that the message was from Qiu Yingshan, which read, “Miss, please move to the Admissions Office on the fourth floor of the Academic Affairs Building. I will wait for you in the director’s office.”

“Okay.” Lin Wan’er (Alani) replied, and then looked at the Glancing at Qixia Mountain, he turned and went back to the Academic Affairs Building.


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