The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5375

the other side.

charlie took Claudia back to Mrs. Lewis’s new home from the shopping mall. He and Lisa, like in the orphanage, helped Mrs. Lewis in the kitchen and helped Mrs. Lewis cook a table of delicious dishes.

Mrs. Lewis and Lisa were very happy to learn that Claudia’s schooling had been settled, and they both expressed 100% support for Claudia’s choice of archeology major.

The four of them had lunch happily, and Lisa suggested, “Brother charlie, do you have something to do this afternoon? If there is nothing, let’s take Claudia to the famous scenic spots in Aurous Hill together!”

charlie apologized He said, “This afternoon may not be very convenient. I just came back, and I still have some things to deal with urgently.”

charlie had already asked Isaac Cameron to find Abbas, and asked him for the current domestic address of the old lady who gave him the phoenix bone vine. .

In addition to visiting the old lady, charlie also has to hurry up and put the wedding of Zayne and Kairi on the agenda.

When he was in America, Zayne was able to propose to Kairi, which indeed changed charlie’s impression of him a lot.

In addition, he was the father of Zara and Xion, so charlie didn’t intend to continue to embarrass him any longer, so he hurriedly asked the two of them to hold the wedding, and after the wedding was completed, he would completely give Zayne freedom.

And they were still waiting for him to go back to China to discuss the date of marriage with them, so charlie planned to do it first this afternoon.

Lisa heard that he was busy, so she smiled and said, “It’s okay, anyway, Claudia still has about a month to start school, so I have a lot of time, let’s talk about it when you are free.”

“Okay.” charlie agreed , Said, “Then wait until I finish working these few days.”

Afterwards, charlie sent Xion a WeChat message, asking if she was in He’s villa.

Xion saw charlie’s message, and asked him in surprise, “Mr. Wade, are you back?”

“I’m back.” charlie replied, “I’m not far from the Elms family’s villa now. If you’re here, I’ll drop by in a while.”

“I’m here!” Xion said excitedly, “Everyone in the Elms family Everyone is here, my dad is also here, when will you come?”

charlie looked at the time and said, “About twenty minutes.”

“Okay!” Xion said excitedly, “Then I’ll wait for you!”

charlie After saying goodbye to Mrs. Lewis and the three of them, they drove to He’s villa alone.

These days, everyone in the Elms family is deeply in joy and cannot extricate themselves.

Kairi was reborn with a broken arm, and Xion’s cultivation was promoted to two levels, becoming a five-star warrior. For the Elms family, this was a happy event that they could not even dream of.

In addition, there is another great joy, that is, Kairi has agreed to Zayne’s marriage proposal. After charlie returns to China, the two can choose an auspicious day to complete the wedding.

These past few days, Wilfred, the old man of the Elms family, was so happy from ear to ear every day that he hoped that his daughter would get married as soon as possible.

As a father, he has always been very distressed about the situation of his daughter. A disabled woman with a broken arm is also a single mother who gave birth to a child out of wedlock. He has suffered and suffered too much in the past 20 years. The lack of love and affection has been filled, and he is naturally very pleased.

As for Xion, that’s needless to say.

In the past few days, she has been searching for wedding cases on the Internet, hoping to plan an unforgettable wedding for her parents.

Hearing that charlie was coming, Xion immediately told her parents and grandfather Wilfred.


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