The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5376

The crowd was so excited that they quickly summoned all the Elms family members and waited in the courtyard to welcome them.

When charlie arrived at the Elms family’s villa, the Elms family was already waiting in line on both sides, and Zayne, who had a new look, was also on the way to welcome him.

As soon as charlie got out of the car, the Elms family, led by Wilfred, knelt on the ground in unison, and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade is good!”

Even Zayne, after seeing all the Elms family members kneeling, knelt down without hesitation. Kairi and Xion’s side.

charlie was a little surprised, and quickly said, “Please hurry up, it’s not the first day you know me, why did you make such a big

fight.” Wilfred, who was kneeling at the front, said respectfully, “Mr. Wade’s kindness to the Elms family is as great as a mountain, and Elms family can have today’s good fortune, all thanks to Mr. Wade, please Mr. Wade accept the homage of the Elms family!”

charlie took a step forward, helped Wilfred up, and said firmly, “The Elms family has long been loyal to me. If you are loyal to me, I will naturally give you enough in return.”

Then, he said to the other people who were still kneeling, “Please get up, everyone, I have something to talk to Mr.Elms, Ms.Elms and Mr.Elms today. Make up your mind, Mr. Banks, let’s move inside and talk about business!”

Wilfred knew that charlie came for his daughter’s wedding with Zayne, and he was even more excited, so he quickly bowed down and made an invitation He said in a loud voice , “Please, Mr. Wade!”

Everyone moved to the lobby on the first floor of the villa. Wilfred asked the other Elms family members to temporarily disperse, leaving only Kairi, Zayne, and Xion.

The four of them sat down on the reception sofa, and charlie got straight to the point and said, “Mr.Elms, when Mr. banks and Ms.Elms were in the United States, they already had the intention of getting married. I wonder if you support it?”

Wilfred said without hesitation, “Support , Support! Ten thousand supports!”

charlie nodded, and said, “In this case, let’s set a time for the wedding. As long as you fix the time for the wedding, the sky garden of Shangri-La Palace will be available for you to use anytime.

“The garden is the best banquet venue in Aurous Hill, but it has never accepted reservations here. Since its establishment, only charlie and Claire held a wedding there.

From charlie’s point of view, Zayne was originally the son of banks’s eldest son with a prominent status, and Kairi was Xion’s biological mother. Since he wanted to hold a wedding for them, he naturally had to make it grander and more luxurious.

Letting them hold their wedding in the sky garden is the best solution charlie can give so far.

Xion was also very excited when she heard about it. She had lived in Shangri-La Palace for a while and knew that the sky garden of Shangri-La Palace was extraordinarily luxurious and beautiful. Have an unparalleled dream wedding.

Zayne was also very grateful, and cupped his hands to charlie and said, “Thank you Mr. Wade for making it happen!”

After that, he said, “As for the time of the wedding, I think the sooner the better if there is enough preparation time. What do you think?” 

Charlie smiled and said, “I have no objection.” Wilfred on the

side said, “I have read the almanac, there are several good days in August, and August 8th is the most, and there is still about a week left. Although the time is a bit rushed, if the pace is faster, it is quite sufficient, especially Mr. Wade has already taken out the hanging garden of Shangri-La Palace for the two of them to use. Ordering should be completed in a week, so I suggest choosing this day.”

Xion asked subconsciously, “August 8 is a bit rushed… Mom’s wedding dress hasn’t been chosen yet…”

charlie smiled and said, “The wedding dress is easy to deal with. , the only store in the province that specializes in veraang wedding dresses is invested by Jasmine moore of the Moore Family. I’ll give her a call and you can go and choose anytime.”

Zayne immediately said excitedly when he heard this, “In this case, then Just set it on August 8th!”


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