The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5378

Xion explained, “When I was in the United States, Ms. Ito told me in private that her father and my mother were all favored by you. I can become a person with sound limbs again. If my parents hold a wedding in the future, I hope to invite her and her father to attend the wedding, you see…”

“Nanako…” charlie didn’t think too much when he heard this, Then he said bluntly, “Since she said so, whether to invite or not, it’s up to you to decide.”

Xion nodded slightly, and said, “Then I’ll call her later.”

Although Xion knew that Nanako Ito wanted to attend her parents’ wedding, most likely she wanted to take this opportunity to meet charlie.

But she also knew very well in her heart that charlie’s affection for Nanako was far more than that for herself.

I can’t and shouldn’t deliberately avoid this matter just because the two will meet.

Since charlie had no objection to this, he generously invited Ito Nanako and her father Ito Yuhiko to Aurous Hill to attend their parents’ wedding later on.

At this moment, Kyoto, Japan.

When Ito Yuhiko returned from the United States, he did not choose to go to Tokyo, but went directly to the Ito family’s mansion in Kyoto.

This house has a very special meaning to him and Nanako.

This is the first mansion in the true sense that Takehiko Ito bought after his rise in life, and it was his life that entered into glory.

And this is the place where Nanako Ito ushered in her rebirth after being seriously injured, and it is the biggest testimony of her feelings for charlie.

This time Ito Yuhiko was able to grow his legs again, which gave him a new understanding of life.

Now, he not only lost the desire to win and lose in the mall, but also lost the sense of decadence after the amputation.

Right now, he only feels that life is too good. He just wants to spend every day with his family happily and without regrets . As for everything else, it has become less important.

And Nanako Ito also had a new epiphany.

After taking over the Ito family, she has been working selflessly as a strong woman, for fear that the Ito family will be lonely in her hands and let her father down.

But after returning from the United States this time, she realized that her father no longer cared about business and money, and she herself was not really interested in these things. In this case, there was no need to wrong herself too much. Staying in Kyoto not only makes me happy, but also stays with my father, which is much more comfortable than staying in Tokyo, a metropolis full of tall buildings.

While Ito Yuhiko is here, he can live with confidence and boldness as a healthy person. The servants who can appear here are also his confidantes, so there is no need to worry about the rebirth of severed limbs.

At this moment, Ito Yuhiko is in the courtyard where Ito Nanako and charlie walked in the snow, practicing swordsmanship with Tanaka Hiroshi. The master and servant have always been obsessed with kendo. Finally recovered, and naturally picked up this hobby again.

Nanako Ito, on the other hand, was sitting in a Japanese-style room with an open wooden door next to the yard. A delicate wooden table was set up on the tatami. After they are carefully matched, they are carefully inserted into the bottle.

In the courtyard, the sound of the master and the servant chopping each other with wooden swords and shouting echoed. Not only did Nanako Ito not find it too chaotic, but she often pulled out her energy and watched the two of them discussing each other with great interest.

At this moment, her mobile phone suddenly vibrated under the table. She looked down and saw that it was Xion who was calling. A happy smile appeared on her face, and she shouted loudly to the two people in the yard. “Odo-san, Tanaka-san, stop for a while! We may have to prepare to go to China!”


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