The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5381

When charlie returned to Tomson Yipin Villa, Claire was still cleaning the house with several cleaning staff.

Because the smell of tobacco and alcohol, moldy food, and vomiting on the first floor were really too strong, the cleaning company even used professional deodorizing equipment to thoroughly clean the entire first floor.

And Jacob, who was one of the sources of the smell, had been invited to the yard by Claire at this time.

After Jacob was heavily drugged by Charlie, he didn’t drink too much alcohol all day long, but he was still a bit decadent. At this moment, he was sitting in the yard alone, wearing a pair of underpants and a basketball vest, smoking a cigarette and sighing.

Only then did charlie realize that his old father-in-law’s body had become more and more swollen, especially when he was sitting there, his belly had piled up into a large lump, coupled with his scruffy beard, the whole person’s state suddenly It’s much greasy.

Seeing charlie come back, Jacob’s eyes suddenly lit up, he quickly got up to greet him, and asked, “charlie, my good son-in-law, Dad has something to do, and I want to ask you for advice!”

charlie asked him, “Dad, what is it?” Just say it when the time comes.”

Jacob looked around and saw no one around, so he said with a serious face, “I plan to go to Hank to have a good chat, why don’t you come with me?”

charlie asked in surprise, “Go to him What are you talking about?”

Jacob said seriously, “Isn’t he a gentleman? People say that a gentleman doesn’t take away people’s love. I’ll reason with him and tell him not to pester you, Auntie Matilda. Did you let go? If he lets go, your Auntie Matilda’s heart might come back to me!”

charlie’s face was full of question marks, “Dad, there’s nothing wrong with saying that a gentleman doesn’t take people’s love, but strictly speaking , Your lover is Mom, not Aunt Matilda! If he came to confess to Mom, your theory is still useful, and the key point is that he didn’t do it.”

Jacob said eagerly, “Then…then I have to give Does he create some difficulties? If you can’t create practical difficulties, at least you should create some psychological difficulties for him!”

As he said that, Jacob said again, “By the way, isn’t he a professor? I’ll go to their school to find him. In front of his students, colleagues, and leaders, I beg him not to pester you, Aunt Matilda, and create some public opinion pressure for him!”

charlie said embarrassingly, “Dad, I will definitely not go to something so embarrassing and has no bottom line. In addition, you have to think about it. The pressure of public opinion is a double-edged sword. Now that the Internet is so developed, you just go to make troubles.” Son, there is a high probability of being photographed and posted on the Internet, and once on the Internet, there is a high probability of being seen by mom, if mom sees it and troubles you, then I can’t control it.”

When Jacob heard this Words, the scared neck shrank suddenly, and the two-finger-long soot fell to the ground in shock.

He became depressed all of a sudden, and murmured, “If Elaine finds out, wouldn’t his mother die?”

Just after he finished speaking, there was a roar of an engine.

The iconic V8 engine of Mercedes-Benz Big G is still very recognizable, and charlie knows that there is a high probability that souna and Elaine are back without looking. So, he reminded Jacob

, “Dad, Mom is back, you’d better pay attention.”

Big G has arrived at the door.

Jacob didn’t dare to pick it up any more, so he raised his foot to wipe out the cigarette butt. At this moment, he saw the window of the co-pilot was lowered, and the red-faced Elaine leaned out half of his body, and shouted, “Jacob, what the hell are you doing in a daze? Come pick up my old lady.” One!”

“Hey, here we come!” Jacob hurriedly agreed twice, and trotted all the way.

When he arrived at the Mercedes-Benz Big G, he helped Elaine out of the car, and souna in the cab said to Elaine, “Elaine, if you are fine tomorrow morning, I will take you to eat the best Cantonese style food in Aurous Hill.” Morning tea.”


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