The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5382

Elaine turned her back to souna, curled her lips and made a disgusted expression, then suddenly changed into a smiling face, turned around and said, “Okay, you honk the horn at the door tomorrow, and I’ll be down in five minutes.

souna nodded, and snapped her fingers chicly, “Let’s go, goodbye. “

After speaking, he kicked the accelerator and drove the car out.

Elaine was walking home with the support of Jacob, cursing and swearing, “This damn souna, she was so embarrassed in front of my old lady this day, I don’t think she even knows her last name! Damn, God is really short-sighted, let this kind of woman make money!”

Jacob said casually, “Since you can’t see it this way, stay away from her in the future, don’t pay attention to her, don’t give her a chance to embarrass you in front of you. “

“You know what a fart.” Elaine said very seriously, “When I was rich, even though souna hated me to the bone, she always followed me behind my ass. Sister Elaine is long and Sister Elaine is short. Is it why?”

Jacob nodded, “I know, don’t take advantage of the bastards, although you two were not born by the same mother, your temper and personality are no different from your own sister. If you kill your father and enemy and invite you to dinner, you two will be fine. I will definitely go.”

Elaine didn’t feel that Jacob was mocking herself at all, but said very proudly, “This is called being able to bend and stretch, and no one will have trouble with money.”

Then, Elaine said, “Hurry up and help me go back to the house, I have something important to do!”

Jacob didn’t dare to make mistakes, and quickly helped Elaine into the house, and then took her up to the third floor.

As soon as Elaine entered the room, she drove Jacob out, then took out her cosmetics, and began to carefully dress herself up in front of the mirror.

While putting on makeup, she muttered in her mouth, “Damn, didn’t you, souna, just make some money by doing live broadcasts? As if no one knows how to live broadcast, I want to live broadcast too, Grandma Ma! I will start broadcasting tonight! not muchFor a long time, I must have more fans and earn more than you! ” It’s

also a day that I haven’t put on makeup carefully. Elaine couldn’t control it when she started using too much force, and quickly turned herself into a heavy makeup look.

But Elaine is very immersed in herself in the mirror, proud of herself He muttered, “Isn’t this much prettier than souna? She souna attracts fans by selling miserables, but I, Elaine, can’t afford to lose that person. I, Elaine, can also attract a lot of fans by relying on my beauty! At

this time, Claire knocked on the door and said, “Mom, dinner is ready.” Elaine didn’t care about eating, so she said

casually, “I don’t want to eat, you can eat!” “

Claire said, “You have been out running for a day, how can you not eat dinner. Elaine said casually, “

I don’t want to eat, my legs and feet are not convenient, and I have to toss about going up and down the stairs.” “

Claire didn’t say any more after listening, turned and left downstairs, prepared a single dinner for Elaine on the dining plate, and then brought it up.

Thinking that they were all women, Mom was alone in the room Claire didn’t knock on the door when he came in. After entering the door, he walked in and said to Elaine, who was sitting on the dressing table with her back to her, “Mom, I don’t have time to cook today. I ordered some takeaway. Everything is delicious.” I’ll give you a little bit, and you can eat it while it’s hot. Elaine turned her head, pointed to the

beanbag sofa and small table by the window sill, and said casually, “Put them there first.” Seeing

Elaine wearing heavy makeup, Claire took a step back unconsciously in fright, and blurted out, “Mom, you…why do you wear such heavy makeup…”

“Is it thick? Elaine looked around in the mirror and muttered, “I think it’s pretty good.” “

Claire said awkwardly, “But you have been out all day, what is the operation of putting on makeup when you come back… Could it be that you still have to go out at night? Elaine quickly waved her hand and said, “

If you don’t go out or go out, I’m just playing for fun, so don’t worry about it!” “


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