The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5388

Claire hesitated for a moment in her heart. She felt that it was inappropriate for her mother to go to Buddha to pray for blessings for the live broadcast, not to mention that she hadn’t been to the company for so long, and she wanted to go back and have a look.

So she said to Elaine, “Mom, why don’t you let charlie go with you.”

Elaine said with a look of embarrassment, “That… Claire… you should go with Mom, I’m too embarrassed to order me Good son-in-law, it would be inappropriate for him to have any opinion on me… Besides, I am inconvenient to walk now, and I have to walk on crutches, so it is not appropriate for a good son-in-law to support me…”

“And I don’t want to Let him and your father know that we will go together. If it doesn’t work, we will leave early. We will leave home at seven o’clock and arrive at the place at half past seven. After I worship the Buddha, you will go to work again. It will be half past nine for sure. It’s not too late to be able to go to the company, right?”

In Elaine’s eyes today, charlie is already the pillar of the whole family, so she didn’t dare to waste charlie’s patience with her, live streaming things like bringing goods, Although she felt in her heart that she could definitely do it, she really didn’t want people around her to know about it before it was done, especially if she didn’t do it after knowing it, it would be too embarrassing.

She encountered Waterloo when the live broadcast premiered tonight. She also wanted to go to Qixia Temple to worship Buddha and ask for the blessing of Buddha. If charlie accompanied her, she was also worried that charlie would look down on her.

After all, she also knew very well that she did a lot of hip-pulls when she went to America this time, which caused charlie a lot of trouble.

Hearing what she said, Claire also knew what she was worried about. While helpless, she also wanted to try her best to help her mother maintain a healthy life.The next is not a glorious image.

So, her heart softened, and she said, “Okay, let’s leave early tomorrow.”

At this moment.

Zijin Villa.

The whole mountain has been plunged into darkness at this time. Although there are dim lights in the courtyard on the third floor, the trees are dense after all, and there is basically no light to be seen from the outside.

At this time, in the courtyard on the top floor of Zijin Villa, Lin Wan’er (Alani) was using her pair of flawless fragrant shoulders to break open the fresh rose petals floating on the surface of the hot spring pool, causing ripples on the water surface.

Then, with her incomparable figure, she stepped on the stone steps in the water and slowly walked up to the bluestone beside the hot spring pool.

At her feet, in a bronze incense burner, a plate of seal incense made of old sandalwood is burning, and the green smoke slowly rises with a refreshing woody fragrance.

Lin Wan’er (Alani) wrapped herself in her bathrobe unhurriedly, squatted down slightly with her legs sideways, picked up the incense burner, held it in both hands, and returned to the room.

After bathing and burning incense, Lin Wan’er (Alani) put on a clean and plain robe, gently pulled her long hair behind her head, and took out a satin-wrapped object from a carry-on package.

She slowly opened the silk and satin, and lying in it was the wooden sign brought from Northern Europe, on which was written the spirit tablet of the late father Lin Zhulu.

She respectfully placed the spiritual tablet on the altar, then lit three more sticks of incense, and after three respectful prostrations, she inserted the incense into the incense burner in front of the spiritual tablet.

Then, she knelt down on both knees, looked at the spiritual tablet with both eyes, and said respectfully, “Father, Wan’er has arrived in Aurous Hill safely, and she was lucky to find the person she was looking for. You said before that you always wanted to come to Qixia Mountain in Aurous Hill to worship your ancestors, but you have never been able to.” As I wish, Wan’er will go to Qixia Mountain to pay homage to the ancestors of the Lin family tomorrow morning, I hope your spirit in heaven will know!”


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