The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5395

Through Claire and Elaine, she found out all the information about charlie’s dual identity, which really made Lin Wan’er (Alani) very excited.

She felt that when she came to Aurous Hill this time, it seemed that there was help from heaven in the dark, making everything extremely smooth.

However, she didn’t intend to get close to the mother and daughter, let alone charlie.

She felt that she had to stick to her plan yesterday and never take the initiative to contact charlie until after school started and she became friends with Claudia.

At this time, charlie didn’t know that the little girl who was accidentally rescued in Northern Europe had already checked all the information about her two identities.

At this time, Isaac Cameron called him and respectfully said on the phone, “Master, I have already confirmed it with Master. The old lady you are looking for has just returned to Shunan with her son a while ago.” I have already got the specific address of my hometown in the countryside, when do you plan to go there?”

charlie said without hesitation, “As soon as possible, it will be done before Zayne’s wedding.”

Then, charlie said again, “You arrange the plane and leave tomorrow morning Come with me.”

Isaac Cameron immediately agreed, “Okay young master, I will arrange the plane and the vehicle after arrival now, because the old lady lives in the mountains, we have to fly to Zunhuai in your province first, and then follow Zunhuai Drive to Shunan, after the plane lands, there are still about four hours to drive.”

“Okay.” charlie responded, and said, “You arrange someone to go to Shudu today, and buy a set that is closer to the top three hospitals. A more prosperous second-hand small villa, and then buy a front house suitable for opening a small supermarket near the villa.”

The phoenix bone vine given to charlie by the old lady is an invaluable treasure to charlie, not only helping him refine Twenty Remodeling Pills were produced, and the rest would be of great use in the future.

Therefore, charlie was also very grateful to the old lady.

Even though he was in Mexico and saved her and her son’s lives, charlie still felt that he still owed the old lady a favor.

When he went to see the old lady this time, in addition to fulfilling his promise that day, he also hoped to give the old man and her son a stable life for the rest of their lives.

Shu is the provincial capital of Sichuan and Shu, and it is also the best-developed city in Sichuan and Shu. The elderly live in the mountains, not only in poor conditions, but also in the future as they get older, there will inevitably be many inconveniences.

Therefore, charlie planned to ask Isaac Cameron to arrange someone to buy a cozy small villa in Shudu first, and then buy a front house.

Although the old man’s son has no skills, he even traveled thousands of miles to Mexico to become a seaman in order to let the old man live a good life. Although he was deceived, it can also prove that he is indeed willing to endure hardship and work hard.

If he wants to do something, he can open a small supermarket directly in front of his house in the future.

Opening a small supermarket now does not make a lot of money, but the advantage is that the process is simple and the threshold is low, and if the front door is your own, you can basically make a steady profit without losing money. Isaac Cameron

heard it, and said without hesitation, “Okay young master, then I will arrange for someone to go there first, and try to get it done before we see the old lady tomorrow.”

Send me a copy of the old lady’s information background, I’ll take a look first.”

“Good sir.” Isaac Cameron said without thinking, “Send it to your WeChat immediately.” After

hanging up the phone, Isaac Cameron sent the information file to charlie.


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