The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5402

When the old lady saw the bracelet, she was very pleasantly surprised and said excitedly, “It seems that my old lady guessed right…you are really the lifesaver of our mother and child!” As

she spoke, she tremblingly wanted to kowtow to charlie, and charlie But stopped her, and said seriously, “Grandma, you don’t have to be like this. In Mexico that day, as long as you were a normal person, you would not just sit back and watch you people ignore you.” The

old lady’s eyes were blurred, and she choked up, “Thank you benefactor for saving your life! If it weren’t for you, benefactor, the Jiang family would have lost its incense when it came to our mother and son…”

She said, looking up at the portrait on the wall, but what she was looking at was not the old man with the fairy wind and crane bones in the middle, but It was a child reading on one side, choked up and said, “Jiang’s lineage, the recordable family tree has a history of 1,600 years from the Southern and Northern Dynasties to the present, and has gone through more than 1,000 years of wars and disasters. I don’t know how to face the ancestors of the Jiang family…”

charlie took out the phoenix bone rattan bracelet that had been used for a tenth of it from his pocket, and said to the old lady, “Grandma, this is Your ancestral bracelet, if you don’t know how to explain it to your ancestors, you can take it back at any time.” The

old lady glanced at the bracelet made of phoenix bone rattan, and asked in surprise when she found that part of the bracelet was missing “This… this bracelet… benefactor, you… did you use it?”

charlie nodded, and said calmly, “I used a little to save people.”

The eyes of the old lady were filled with awe, and she murmured, ” Engong is really a person with great supernatural powers…Meng Laozu once told my ancestors that if someone can make this phoenix bone vine in the future, it must be someone who has great supernatural powers and has spiritual energy!”

charlie was even more shocked when he heard the words “the body has spiritual energy”. He suppressed the shock in his heart and asked, “Grandma, how do you know this?” The

old lady pointed to three pictures In the center of the painting, the old man with the fairy wind and crane bones said seriously, “This one in the painting is the ancestor Meng, the great benefactor of our Jiang family. He has great supernatural powers and spiritual

energy just like the benefactor!” Charlie’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he quickly asked, “Grandma, can you tell me the story of this old ancestor Meng in detail?” The

old lady looked at charlie, then at Isaac Cameron, and said with some doubts, “Grandpa, Forgive the old lady for being rude, but there are some things that I can only tell you, old lady…”

Upon hearing this, Isaac Cameron stood up immediately and said respectfully, “Grandma, please chat with my young master slowly, the younger generation will go outside Waiting for your son.”

Isaac Cameron’s words made the old lady a little surprised.

She didn’t expect that the young man in his early thirties beside charlie would have such vision.

He didn’t want to mention family secrets in front of him. Not only was he not angry, but he also knew that he didn’t even want his son to know what he said. He said that he would go outside to wait for his son. If he came back early, he would try to stop him.

So, the old lady cupped her hands in admiration, “Thank you for your hard work!”

Isaac Cameron also said respectfully, “Grandma, you are the one who worked hard. You talk to my young master first, and the juniors go out first!

” Arrived outside the courtyard gate.

Only then did the old lady say to charlie, “The people around my benefactor are really extraordinary!”

“Thank you, Grandma, for your compliment.” charlie smiled modestly, and immediately asked her, “Grandma, what is the name of this old ancestor Meng you are talking about?” Who is it?”


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