The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5408

charlie waved his hand and said seriously, “Grandma , this little money is not worth a drop in the bucket to me, besides, the bracelet you gave me is of use to me How can I let you and your son continue to live here with peace of mind.”

As he said that, charlie said again, “Over a thousand years have passed, Old Ancestor Meng has never appeared, and it is impossible for him to appear in the future. In this case, you don’t have to wait any longer because of your ancestor’s last wish, why not go with yours?” My son left here to live a stable life in the city.”

“Although your son is missing a kidney, but with the blessing of the elixir, it is generally no worse than normal people, and he will definitely be able to marry a wife and have children in the future , to carry on the family line of the Jiang family, but if you stay here, the blood of the Jiang family may really be cut off.”

charlie’s words suddenly touched on the weakness of the old lady Jiang.

She murmured sadly, “I’m old, and I don’t have a few years to live. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether I leave here or not. The main reason is that if I don’t go out, he won’t even be able to get a wife. But if I go out, His ability to take care of himself is somewhat inferior, and I’m worried that he won’t be able to take care of himself…”

charlie said with a smile, “Don’t worry about this, the reason why I asked people to buy a door-to-door house is because I think the door-to-door house can let your son open a house at the door of your house. A small supermarket.” The

old lady hurriedly said, “My son is much stupider than ordinary people, he is not good at opening a supermarket…”

charlie smiled and said, “Opening a small supermarket is not as difficult as you think, as long as you are willing to sacrificeBy sacrificing a little profit at the retail end, you can find a supplier who is willing to advance funds to spread the goods for the supermarket. They are even willing to not help you fill the goods with a penny. It can even be delivered to your door at all times in the follow-up process. Your son only needs to sit in the store and use the QR code scanner to check out the customers. Moreover, the cashier software is now connected to the inventory data, and there will be a reminder when something is about to sell out. , At that time, you only need to call the supplier, and he will deliver the things. “

Speaking, charlie said again, “The biggest cost of opening this kind of small supermarket is manpower and rent. With its own facade, the rent is saved, and the rest is only labor costs, and the small supermarket is not too busy for one person. Come on, open the door if you want to open it, don’t open it if you don’t want to open it, just be casual, you can earn thousands of dollars a month casually, if it’s not possible, you can also rent out the facade directly, the rent is enough for the two of you to live up. “The

old lady said anxiously, “, I appreciate your kindness, old lady, but I really can’t accept the house…”

charlie was not in a hurry, but just smiled and said, “Grandma , many girls outside are very realistic. If a man doesn’t have a house or a stable income, they don’t like it at all. You can’t sell the paintings made by your ancestors, can you? “

This…” The old lady didn’t know how to answer for a while.

charlie said again, “Besides, you must also hope to live a few more years and spend more time with your son. If he gets married and has children in the future, you must also want to help him a lot.” Take a grandson for a few years. “The

old lady smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t have that life. If I can live to see him get married and have children, I will already be blessed by my ancestors, and I will die without regret…”

charlie nodded, and took out a Rejuvenation Pill from his pocket. , said casually, “Oh, by the way, Grandma , this is a pill I prepared myself, it has the effect of strengthening the body, you can try it by taking one. “


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