The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5410

will never forget it!” charlie helped her up, and joked, “Grandma, you don’t need to thank me, you have already eaten my rejuvenation pill, and your phoenix bone vine bracelet, I don’t need it.” I won’t return it to you.”

Mrs. Jiang quickly waved her hand and said, “I gave the bracelet to my benefactor, even if you don’t give me this Rejuvenation Pill, I will never let you return it…”

charlie smiled and said, “Then it’s the best, I think it’s almost time, you can start packing up quickly.”

Then, charlie asked again, “You’d better only bring what you need to bring, food and clothing You don’t have to take it with you, the car can’t hold so many things, and I’ve already had people complete it in Sichuan.” The

old lady Jiang nodded again and again, and said seriously, “I only take the tablet of the ancestors, and these three things. A painting with…”

After saying that, he immediately started packing.

Because the tablets and paintings belonged to the ancestors of the Jiang family and other ancestors, they were of great significance to the Jiang family, so charlie didn’t intervene.

Mrs. Jiang carefully put away all the memorial tablets and put them in her package, then put the three paintings away one by one and put them into scrolls.

However, she only put two of the paintings into the package, and she did not take the portrait of Mason painted by the ancestors of the Jiang family. Instead, she put both hands in front of charlie, and said seriously, “Grandfather!” , you are a person with great supernatural powers, if Old Ancestor Meng really finds the way to longevity, you may have a chance to meet him in the future, so I will give you this portrait of Old Ancestor Meng!”

charlie was slightly startled, and declined without hesitation, “Grandma, this is a family heirloom left by your ancestors, how can I take it away? You should keep it well!”

Mrs. Jiang suddenly kneeled Kneeling down, holding the painting scroll in both hands, he said very persistently, “Grandfather, the old lady took Yao’er to leave here with you today. In my heart, I have already made a decision for me, my Yao’er, and his future generations.” , gave up the opportunity to wait for the ancestor Meng; “

“After leaving here, from now on, the Meng family only needs to know that the ancestor had such a miraculous experience, and does not need to know that the ancestor Meng also made a promise with the ancestor;”

” What’s more, after we leave here, even if

Ancestor Meng is still alive, even if he finds us, it is impossible to find us; Death, in case you meet him after so many years, with this painting, maybe you can achieve a friendship, if you don’t accept this painting, my old woman won’t get up!”

charlie heard All these, I sighed in my heart, “The possibility that this old ancestor Meng is still alive is infinitely close to zero. Even if the “Nine Xuantian Jing” was written by him, I am afraid that he will not be able to live until today, fourteen or five hundred years. If you want to live for such a long time, you need far more than spiritual energy and pills.”

However, charlie saw that the old lady insisted, so he didn’t say any more, took the scroll with both hands, and said solemnly, “In this case, then this painting, The younger generation will accept it, don’t worry, the younger generation will take good care of it! Please get up quickly!”

Mrs. Jiang was finally relieved, and then she stood up.

At this time, the old lady Jiang’s voice came from outside the door, “Hey, dear guest, why are you standing outside the door? I just hunted two pheasants, which are fat and fat. I will kill them and give them to you. The two of you are fried and eaten!”


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