The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5411

Seeing Mrs. Jiang’s son come back, Isaac Cameron’s first reaction was to find a way to stop him, so as not to delay charlie’s discussion with Mrs. Jiang.

However, at this time, charlie had already persuaded Mrs. Jiang to move to Shudu, so he walked out the door and said across the yard, “Old isaac, come in!” 

isaac knew charlie Having finished talking about the business, he said to Mrs. Jiang’s son, “Come on, let’s go in!” The

two entered the yard, and Mrs. Jiang’s son happily shouted, “Mother, look what I hunted! Two Pheasant!”

Mrs. Jiang came out quickly, and said with a smile, “Yaoer, you are really amazing, you can hunt two pheasants in just this short time.”

After speaking, she called him in.

It was already late at this time, and the visibility in the yard was not high, and Mrs. Jiang’s son didn’t see any abnormalities in the old mother, but when he entered the room, he was surprised to find that he My old mother suddenly became much younger!

He said with horror on his face, “Mother…you…you have become so young?! Even your hair is more than half black, this…this is too amazing…”

Mrs. Jiang said in a low voice, ” Son, don’t make a fuss, this distinguished guest brought some supplements and foreign health medicines for my mother. After my mother took it, her hair became darker a lot, but you must not tell others, I understand. Is it?”

Mrs. Jiang’s son nodded without hesitation, and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, mother, I won’t tell anyone.

” door.”

“Now?” Mrs. Jiang’s son asked in surprise, “Mother, why don’t you kill the chicken and leave after eating?”

“Don’t eat it.” Throw it in the yard.”

Mrs. Jiang’s son hurriedly said, “These two chickens are about to die. If they are thrown in the yard, weasels and other wild animals will pick them up at night. Wouldn’t that be a waste of money?”

The old lady said, “It doesn’t matter, just grab it. Now that you have decided to go, you must hurry up, so as not to have long nights and dreams.”

charlie also nodded and said, “It’s getting late now, and there is still more than an hour to go down the mountain. Even if we set off now, go down the mountain. ” After driving to Shudu, it will be midnight when we get there. If we kill chickens and cook again, it will be dawn when we get there.” The

old lady said to her son without hesitation, “Yaoer, take the time to clean up, we have to Hurry up and go.”

Seeing the old lady’s firm attitude, the son stopped insisting, and quickly said, “Then I’ll pack it up now.” The

old lady added, “Just bring the necessities, and don’t bring anything else.”

Ten minutes later.

The old lady extinguished the firewood in the stove with a ladle of well water, and walked out of the house together with charlie, Isaac Cameron, and her youngest son.

The old lady looked at the dilapidated house door reluctantly. She knew that she would never come back after leaving this time.

But her son didn’t know that leaving home this time was a farewell to his family. At this moment, under her instructions, he locked the door carefully without making any sound.


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