The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5414

Mrs. Jiang knew that charlie was her noble person, not to mention how much the phoenix bone vine was worth, but he saved the lives of herself and her son, which cannot be measured by any amount of money.

However, she also understood the meaning of charlie’s words, knowing that charlie didn’t want to get too entangled in the value of the shop, and hoped that she could accept it with peace of mind.

She is also very clear that all this is just like how her ancestors were rescued by Meng Laozu back then. Although she is grateful and ashamed of charlie, but at this time, her best choice is actually to listen to charlie. Arrangement, just like the ancestors obeyed the arrangement of Meng Laozu back then.

So, she didn’t say much anymore, and just said gratefully , “Thank you benefactor! Thank you!”

charlie smiled lightly, and said, “Okay, Grandma, let’s go and see the house you will live in in the future.”

After finishing speaking , winked at Isaac Cameron, and Isaac Cameron said to the two of them, “Okay, you have chosen a good shop, and your work efficiency is also good. Later, each of you will receive three months’ salary as a bonus!

” Isaac Cameron stretched out his hand to interrupt, and said, “Come on, take us to the villa.”

The villa they selected was only three or four hundred meters away from the shop, because the payment was very happy today, and the original owner did not have lunch. After not eating, they began to direct the moving company to move, and the two subordinates, Isaac Cameron, were also very reliable in their work. While the moving company was packing the original owner’s things, they directed several cleaners to start cleaning.

In addition, the employees were also arranged to purchase a batch of very exquisite daily necessities. Not only were the daily necessities such as pillows and quilts, toothpaste and towels neatly bought, but even pots and pans, daily necessities, rice, oil and salt were also fully prepared.

When charlie and Isaac Cameron first entered this villa, their first impression was that this villa was a sample room left by the developer, and it was perfect in every way.

This three-story small villa equipped with a home elevator left Mrs. Jiang speechless in shock.

She really didn’t expect that when charlie said that he would arrange a house for himself, it would be a luxuriously decorated, clean and tidy villa.

charlie took her to visit together, taking advantage of no one, said to the old lady in a low voice, “Grandma, from now on you will live on the first floor and let your son live on the third floor. There is such a house, and there is another house outside.” Set of shops, as long as you manage it well, your son will definitely become a favorite in the blind date market. It will be easy to get married within a year or two. If he gets married, the young couple will live on the third floor, and you will be separated from each other on the second floor , and will not disturb each other. If he has a child in the future and the child needs to live by himself, he will let the child live on the second floor. There are four bedrooms here, and two children are enough. In this way, the Jiang family will continue the incense. You definitely don’t need to worry about things.”

Mrs. Jiang also knows that with these material foundations, it is no problem for her son to find a wife and have two children. My life path has also become smoother many times.

Thinking of this, she said with red eyes, “Grandpa… I really don’t know how to thank you…”

charlie smiled and said, “No need to say thank you, I will come to see you again when I have time in the future. If I am busy, I will also thank you.” Arrange for people to come and take care of them frequently, my family also has some local property and manpower, but they can take care of everything.”

Then, charlie said, “I will ask them to help arrange the opening of the supermarket. As for the shops and Regarding the property rights of the villa, let them take you to the housing management bureau tomorrow to complete the transfer, but I will let them take you to apply for a local bank card and mobile phone card tomorrow. Although the house and shops have been settled, but You still need to prepare for the daily expenses. After the card is completed, I will ask someone to deposit one million cash in your card. The reason why I don’t give you too much money is also because I am worried that more money will cause disasters. , but if you have any difficulties, whether it is trouble, financial constraints, illness, or unfilial daughter-in-law, you can tell me as soon as possible, and I will definitely not sit idly by.”

Mrs. Jiang said with some fear, “Well Gong, you have done so much for us, how can I ask for your money…”

charlie smiled and said, “Grandma, you don’t need to worry too much, just let me arrange everything.”


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