The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5416

Landscapes, fish and insects, and characters all pay more attention to a vivid charm.

And the paintings of the ancestor of the Jiang family, although they are also traditional Chinese painting styles, are very detailed and meticulous in depicting the details, so that Mason in the paintings feels very real and vivid, even the one swaying in the wind Their long beards look very realistic.

Perhaps people in the Tang Dynasty did not have the habit of writing inscriptions on paintings. charlie did not find any inscriptions on the paintings, but he firmly believed in his heart that if this painting was made public, with its uncanny style of painting, I am afraid that it would be popular in the whole world. There is a stir in the arts.

Maybe, the ranking of famous painters in the Tang Dynasty will also be rewritten because of the publication of this painting.

But charlie naturally didn’t have this plan. He decided to treasure this painting well. After returning to Aurous Hill, he would not let others see the contents of this painting.

After admiring it intently for a long time, just as charlie was about to roll up the scroll again, he suddenly felt that there was some slight aura fluctuation in the scroll.

This made him shiver instantly!

According to Mrs. Jiang, this painting was made by her ancestors in their old age.

Since he is old, he must have parted with Mason long ago.

The ancestor of the Jiang family did not have the talent to master spiritual energy, so apart from taking two rejuvenation pills and living longer than ordinary people, it is absolutely impossible for him to possess spiritual energy.

This also means that the painting he painted in his old age should not have any aura.

However, there is indeed a very subtle trace of spiritual energy in this painting. charlie couldn’t help asking himself in his heart, “Could it be that this spiritual energy was left by Mason?! Maybe the Jiang family didn’t know that Mason came back at a certain time. Pass!”

Thinking of this, he immediately calmed down, distributed some spiritual energy, and carefully covered the whole painting, looking for the source of that trace of spiritual energy.

Soon, he found traces of that aura on the head of Mason’s portrait.

charlie was overjoyed, and immediately used aura to perceive the other party. At the moment when the two auras merged, a picture from the first perspective suddenly flooded into charlie’s mind!

In the picture, a grand funeral is being held in a mountain village. The people at the funeral are not dressed in modern times, but look more like the costumes of the Tang Dynasty.

charlie could recognize from the topography that this mountain village was exactly the one where Mrs. Jiang lived.

And the mountain village in the picture does not look as dilapidated as it is today. In the mountain village in the picture, there is a rather grand wooden courtyard, with carved beams and painted buildings everywhere. It looks like a wealthy family.


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