The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5417

However, the funeral in the picture is not a coherent real-time picture, but more like a time-lapse photography that is fast forwarded many times.

A crowd gathered in front of the coffin in the main room, a middle-aged man knelt down and wailed loudly, and a group of women and children were also crying incessantly behind, and there were three paintings hanging on the wall directly opposite, and it was charlie who died in Jiang Lao’s life. The three pictures I saw at my wife’s house.

The following picture shows people crying and mourning. Although there are many etiquettes, but fortunately, the whole picture is very fast, and the ceremony is completed one by one like a horse watching flowers.

After all the necessary etiquette was completed, more than a dozen middle-aged men carried the coffin to the foot of the back mountain and buried the coffin here.

Afterwards, a group of people returned to the wooden deep house compound, the bustle faded away, several female family members left with their families one after another, leaving the middle-aged man alone in the mourning hall.

However, the middle-aged man couldn’t see any pain on his face. Instead, he stood in the middle of the main room with a happy face, looked at the portrait of Mason on the central wall, and said with a smile, “Old Ancestor Meng, my father died three days ago.” I have passed away, and today I have been buried in the earth. Even if you have the ability to bring the dead back to life, it may be in vain now. If you can really find the return of longevity, you should give me the opportunity you promised my father back then. My father lived a long life of one hundred and thirteen Zai, envy others, I am now forty-two, I only hope that you can live long and fulfill the promise of the year!”

Although the middle-aged man’s words were difficult to understand, charlie still understood the meaning of the other party, He should be the son of the ancestor of the Jiang family. At this time, he was standing in front of Mason’s portrait, talking about how to let Mason achieve longevity as soon as possible, and then return to him to give him the opportunity promised to his father.

To put it bluntly, he was looking forward to Mason’s return so that he too could live forever.

After this person spoke, a gust of wind suddenly blew in the main room, and he lay down on the ground and fell into a deep sleep.

At the same time, a middle-aged man in a green shirt came in with powerful steps. This man’s clothes and appearance were the same as the portrait of Mason, but he looked a little younger than the portrait of Mason.

charlie could conclude that this person was Mason.

Mason paused in the three paintings for a long time, then looked at the old self-portraits of the ancestors of the Jiang family on the right, and sighed, “The meritorious adult has gone…Mu Yun, if you wait for three more days to be a teacher, you can fulfill the mission of the year as a teacher.” Now that you have left, as a teacher, I should fulfill the agreement with you, but just now I saw his words and deeds, which really disappointed my teacher, so I don’t want to pass on this opportunity.” After finishing

speaking, he stretched out his hand, He tapped lightly on the portrait of the teacher, and murmured, “Today’s matter, I have left it in this painting. If your descendants blame me in the future and tear up the portrait of my teacher, they will know the reason. In the future, I will be with you. Jiuquan meets again, don’t blame me.” After saying

that, heHe turned around gracefully and disappeared into the night.


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