The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5421

Today just happened to be free, so he soaked in the hot spring by himself for a while, which made his body and spirit a lot easier.

At 10:30 in the morning, a Cathay Pacific Airbus A321 landed safely at Aurous Hill Airport.

This plane is the earliest of the three direct flights from Hong Kong Island to Aurous Hill.

After the plane landed, the first-class flight attendants lowered the curtain between the first-class cabin and the economy class according to the usual practice, and let the passengers in the first-class cabin get off the plane first.

Just as the cabin door opened, a young woman wearing sunglasses and a mask couldn’t wait to stand up, picked up her handbag, and walked out of the plane impatiently.

This young woman is Mia (Liu Manqiong), the eldest lady of the Liu family who just came to Aurous Hill from Hong Kong Island.

The reason why Mia (Liu Manqiong) came to Aurous Hill early in the morning was because Aurous Hill University invited her to come to the school today to participate in the interview for the talent introduction plan.

Aurous Hill University is very interested in Mia (Liu Manqiong), a top student who has just received a Ph. After all, the university is a public university, and the recruitment process must be followed, so Mia (Liu Manqiong) was invited to come over.

Not long after Mia (Liu Manqiong) received her Ph.D., she was invited by Aurous Hill University for an interview. She was naturally very excited, so she booked her flight ticket early and flew over early in the morning.

When Lau Ka Fai learned that his daughter was coming to Aurous Hill for an interview, he originally insisted on arranging a private jet to bring her here in person, but Mia politely declined his offer.

It’s not that Mia (Liu Manqiong) is still dissatisfied with her father, the main reason is that she didn’t want to be too ostentatious when she came to Aurous Hill this time.

Mia (Liu Manqiong) knew very well that Aurous Hill, as charlie’s base camp, had any obvious turmoil, and charlie would definitely know about it. If his father came to see him off in person, not to mention that charlie would definitely receive the news, even the Aurous Hill media would probably follow up and report on it. .

And her plan was to never let charlie know about this before she got the official acceptance notice from Aurous Hill University, so as not to be looked down upon by charlie if she failed to get the position.

What’s more, what she wanted was to give charlie a surprise, so she had to wait until she got the employment notice, and then choose an opportunity to let charlie know.

Because of this, she refused to agree with her father’s proposal, and planned to keep a low profile and keep a low profile, so she flew over alone.

Since the relevant person in charge of Aurous Hill University also knew that Mia (Liu Manqiong) was in Hong Kong Island, they specially set Mia (Liu Manqiong)’s interview time at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. There is plenty of time, not too rushed.

And Mia (Liu Manqiong) also booked a flight ticket back to Hong Kong Island at 9:30 pm according to this time. Under normal circumstances, the interview will definitely be over before 6 pm. No matter whether she can get the result or not, she plans to return to Hong Kong Island first. , so as not to be known by charlie.

This is why Mia (Liu Manqiong) has to wear sunglasses and a mask all the way on the plane.

Ten minutes later, Mia (Liu Manqiong) had already appeared and walked out of the airport, ready to take a taxi to Aurous Hill University first. Although the interview time was in the afternoon, she also wanted to take advantage of the gap to learn about the situation of Aurous Hill University and the surrounding areas. environment.


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