The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5428

Although many top mansions of the rich are also built on the mountain in Hong Kong Island, no one can own the whole mountain by himself. The villas on Shixun Road are nothing compared to this exclusive villa. .

The car drove into the villa and stopped outside the grand gate of the main building of the courtyard on the first floor.

This place is like a hotel, with a wide porch designed to park three cars side by side. Qiu Yingshan and his wife walked out of the main hall, arm in arm.

As soon as Mia (Liu Manqiong) got out of the car, she saw the old couple walking out with a smile. She hurried forward to greet her, and said respectfully, “Grandpa Qiu, Grandma Qiu, long time no see, you two are still in such good health!”

Qiu Yingshan said with a smile, “Mia , we haven’t seen each other for many years, you are already such a beautiful and slim girl!”

Mia (Liu Manqiong) smiled and said, “Grandpa Qiu, I’m afraid you are an old lady.

” The wife stepped forward, took Mia (Liu Manqiong)’s hand, and said lovingly, “Mia , you look more and more like your mother. The last time grandma saw you was when your grandfather passed away. You haven’t been to Singapore for so long. Or look at grandma in Malaysia.”

Mrs. Qiu loved Mia (Liu Manqiong)’s mother very much. In the early years when the old man of the Liu family was still there, the two families often met and gathered. My wife appreciates it very much.

When Mia (Liu Manqiong) was young, she often met with the Qiu family. The old lady really loved her a lot. Although she hadn’t seen her for some years, she saw that she was more like a mother, and she felt more love and affection in her heart.

Mia (Liu Manqiong) said with some embarrassment, “Grandma Qiu, I haven’t been away from Hong Kong Island for many years…due to my studies and other reasons, and I haven’t been able to see you. Please forgive me…” The

old lady Qiu said seriously, “Grandma I understand that when your mother passed away, your grandpa Qiu was accompanying me to see a doctor in the United States, and we were unable to see her off for the last time. Every time I think about it these years, I feel very ashamed and regretful.”

Since her mother passed away, Mia (Liu Manqiong), Except for her own sister, she hardly experienced family affection, and her own father was unreliable, so she naturally alienated other relatives.

But she didn’t expect that Mrs. Qiu was still ashamed of not being able to go to Hong Kong Island to attend her mother’s funeral, her nose was sore, and her eyes were unconsciously filled with tears.

Although the old man and the old lady of the Qiu family were unable to attend the funeral of their mother back then, the sons of the Qiu family rushed over. For a younger generation’s funeral, the specifications of the Qiu family were already impeccable.

Thinking of this, she also felt a little ashamed and said to Mrs. Qiu, “Grandma, please don’t say that. My mother is your junior. She has a spirit in the sky, and she definitely doesn’t want you to work hard because of her affairs…”

As she said that, she also said very frankly, “Since my mother passed away, I have become more and more lonely these years. I haven’t been able to see you, and I haven’t called you very often. I feel so guilty…”

Mrs. Qiu saw her emotion A little sad, he patted the back of her hand and comforted him, “Okay, it’s all over. When you go to work at Aurous Hill University, you must come to the house often. I’ve been here with you, Grandpa Qiu.”

“Okay !” Mia (Liu Manqiong) agreed without hesitation, “I will definitely come to see you often!”

Qiu Yingshan said at this time, “Manqiong, let’s go in and talk. Grandpa has a granddaughter who has just completed the admission procedures at Aurous Hill University. Freshman, I just introduced you to her later, and you will be a lecturer at Aurous Hill University in the future, and she is a freshman at Aurous Hill University, so I have to ask you to help take care of her.”

Mia (Liu Manqiong) asked in surprise, “Grandpa Qiu, Your cousin is going to Aurous Hill University to study?”

“Yes.” Qiu Yingshan said with a smile, “The two of us came to Aurous Hill this time not only to come and have a look, but also to help her complete the admission procedures. I didn’t expect you to ask What a coincidence to come to Aurous Hill University to apply for a job!”

While speaking, Qiu Yingshan saw Lin Wan’er (Alani) coming from the hall, and said to Mia (Liu Manqiong) with a smile, “Here she is!”


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