The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5439

At this moment, Aurous Hill University.

Although Qiu Yingshan’s family vehicles can enter and exit Aurous Hill University at will, Mia (Liu Manqiong) got off the car on the side of the road a few hundred meters earlier in order to keep a low profile.

When she came to the school gate, she wanted to take the initiative to explain her intentions to the security guards and ask them to allow her to enter, but unexpectedly, as soon as she arrived at the gate, a young woman greeted her and asked enthusiastically, “Are you Miss Mia (Liu Manqiong)?” ?”

Mia (Liu Manqiong) asked in surprise, “Who are you?” The

other party quickly introduced himself, “Hello Miss Mia, I am Khloe from the Human Resources Department of Aurous Hill University. I am afraid that you will not find a place when you come, so I will wait for you here in advance. “

Mia (Liu Manqiong) hurriedly said, “Thank you so much, and you have worked so hard to make a special trip…”

Khloe said with a smile, “No hard work, no hard work, you are the talent our director named to focus on, and she talked about you several times in front of us Yes, I’m very optimistic about your resume.”

Then, she looked at the time and said, “There is still half an hour, why don’t we go in, and I will show you around!”

Mia (Liu Manqiong) was a little flattered, and said, “Thank you Already !”

“You’re welcome!”

Khloe drove the school’s sightseeing battery car, took Mia (Liu Manqiong), and took a tour of the whole school.

Mia (Liu Manqiong) didn’t have to wait for the entire school to transfer, but just entered the school, and immediately fell in love with this place.

Perhaps it was because of charlie’s filter, she felt that everything within sight of Aurous Hill University was so pleasing. The huge campus looked very open, and the architecture was quite elegant. Even the trees, flowers and plants were beautiful. It looks extraordinarily lush.

In short, everything is good.

And Aurous Hill University’s attitude towards her, as Sister Xian said, is definitely a thirst for talent.

In the past two years, Aurous Hill University has been paying great attention to the recruitment of Hong Kong Island and foreign lecturers and professors, and even spent a lot of thought on this, but with little success.

Many high-achieving students who graduated from Hong Kong Island or overseas top universities, if they are interested in teaching, can generally apply directly at this school. more smoothly.

Moreover, the international ranking of Aurous Hill University is indeed much lower than that of Hong Kong Island University and other famous universities in the world. Take Hong Kong Island University, which Mia (Liu Manqiong) graduated from, as an example, QS ranks 21st in the world, while Aurous Hill University ranks 133rd in the world , the gap is not a little bit.

Therefore, for Aurous Hill University, doctoral students are easy to recruit, but it is not so easy to recruit doctoral students who graduated from the top 5 universities in Asia and the top 30 universities in the world.

What’s more, Mia (Liu Manqiong)’s grades in Hong Kong University are excellent. From undergraduate to master’s degree, almost all of them stand out with the best grades. In the eyes of several interviewers of Aurous Hill University, this is simply a treasure.

During the interview, the three interviewers were very satisfied with Mia (Liu Manqiong)’s resume background and actual performance in the interview. The director in charge of human resources had even begun to prepare a press release for Mia (Liu Manqiong) after joining the job. The most eye-catching stroke in the introduction plan.

Moreover, Mia (Liu Manqiong)’s appearance, figure, and temperament are all one in a million. The gimmicks such as beautiful class tutors and beautiful lecturers are too easy to hype on social media today. With countless fans, Mia (Liu Manqiong), a natural and unadorned top-notch beauty, will definitely spark more discussion and pursuit.


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