The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5445

Hearing this, Tanaka Haoyi quickly asked, “Then if she still can’t make up her mind for a while, how long do I have to wait for her?” The

sales lady explained, “Under normal circumstances, there is a right of first refusal within 24 hours after paying the intention money. , After 24 hours, if the balance has not been paid, then it will be regarded as giving up.”

“24 hours?” Koichi Tanaka said a little depressed, “24 hours is too long, I have to buy it today.”

” This…” The sales lady was also a little embarrassed for a while, so she said, “Sir, our house type is not the only one left, we still have eight houses in that building that are not for sale, and the house types are all the same. It’s just that the floors and locations are different, but as long as you go up from the sixth floor,

you can see the river view, so there’s not much difference; It is just below the top floor, and to tell you the truth, the price of the second top floor is more expensive than the top floor, and it is also the most expensive in our entire floor. Naturally, the insulation of the top floor is not as good as other floors, so it will be more expensive in summer It’s hotter, and it will be colder in winter, plus there is a risk of water leakage on the top floor, so you might as well choose another floor.”

Koichi Tanaka shook his head and said, “Our lady always likes to be quiet, what she wants is a villa, but these days I I haven’t seen any suitable ones, and your place is already sold out, so I’m more inclined to your top floor, after all, it won’t be disturbed by the noise upstairs.”

“I see…” After thinking for a while, the sales lady spoke. Said: “Well, sir, you wait a moment, the lady is going to see the house soon, if she is still not sure after seeing the house, I will put pressure on the supervisor to see if I can shorten her consideration.” Time, if you can pay the full amount today, if the other party hesitates to settle down, it’s really not good. I’ll ask the supervisor if he can afford a penalty for breach of contract. Our penalty for breach of contract is not high, which is 100,000 to 100,000 of the intention fee. It’s only one yuan.”

Tanaka Haoyi said without hesitation, “Then don’t bother, just sell it to me directly, I will pay the liquidated damages, and I will pay double, so that lady must be satisfied.”

The sales lady was startled, and she was even more puzzled, “What kind of fairy customers are the two later today? One wants to book the house without seeing the house, and the other is not seen. Not only do they want to book, but they are even willing to replace the former one After selling the house for so many years, I have never seen such a straightforward client. This time, two of them came here…”

Thinking of this, she said to Koichi Tanaka, “Sir, that’s it, if that If the lady decides to buy immediately after seeing the house, we definitely can’t take the initiative to breach the contract… If it is said, it will be bad for our reputation…”

“Only when the lady can’t make a decision for a long time, Let us let you replace her, so it is reasonable and reasonable… If this matter gets out and people find out, most people will understand us…”

“But let’s talk about how many I don’t want to give that lady ten minutes of inspection time, so I just want to kick her out. If it gets out, we will be scolded, and we will probably be punished by the competent authority, so please wait a moment, No matter what, we have to wait until the lady has finished watching the room.”

Tanaka Hao saw that the other party’s attitude was insistent and it was inconvenient to continue talking, so he nodded and said, “Then I will wait here.”

When he said this , Tanaka Koichi also felt a little uncertain.

He was not sure whether the customer inside would immediately make a decision to buy after seeing the house?

If the other party hesitates, I still have a little chance, but if the other party wants to make up the balance without hesitation, wouldn’t I have no hope?

However, right now he has nothing to do, so he can only wait and see.

At this time, the sales lady said respectfully, “Sir, please move to the lounge and take a rest first.” As

soon as she finished speaking, the door of the VIP room opened.

Mia (Liu Manqiong), who paid the intent fee and simply signed the intent agreement, walked out with Sister Xian and the sales executive.


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