The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5460

At this time, Christopher on the bed said flatteringly, “Good wife, do you think my performance tonight is still very good? When I ate rice cereal, those small details were well designed, which fully reflected that I am a paralyzed person. The patient in the bed likes this rice cereal very much, and desperately wants to eat this rice cereal!”

As he spoke, Christopher smacked his lips and sighed, “But this rice cereal is really f*cking unpalatable. There is no fragrance in your mouth at all, and it’s f*cking bitter? You say this is an idiot manufacturer, what the hell can you do with some good materials?” souna raised her hand and slapped

him , The whole person who pumped him was stunned.

Just as Christopher wanted to ask why, souna said impatiently, “Who the hell do you call your wife? This is not the time when you beat me up, forced me to divorce, and told me to get out of this house.” “

Christopher was startled, and then quickly said, “Oh my wife, all my mistakes are my own fault! I, Christopher, was blind. I don’t know how to cherish having such a good wife. If I tell you one more thing in the future Divorce, I, Christopher, will be struck by lightning and die without a place to die!”

souna sneered and said, “Oh, Christopher, you have become so f*cking fast! What did you say at the beginning? You said I gave you a cuckold, and you were pregnant with a wild man’s child, which infected you with all kinds of diseases.” , you must drive me out of this house, what’s the matter? Now that my mother can make money, you don’t think it’s uncomfortable for you to be cuckolded by my mother?” Christopher smiled and said, “Oh my wife, look at what you

said , this is not a question of whether you can make money, but I really want to understand it. In fact, I can’t blame you for those things at the beginning, because you were also forced by the situation and forced to be helpless, and to speak conscientiously, you wanted to cheat Elaine back then. It is not your decision alone, but the idea that the two of us thought of together, so I am also responsible for this kind of thing…” Speaking of

this, Christopher sighed, tears flowed down immediately, and choked up “Honey, I actually didn’t think of the crimes you suffered in the black coal mine. I felt really sorry for it. It was obviously an idea that we both came up with, but I hid behind the scenes and remotely controlled everything, and let you carry out the plan alone.” In the end, you were sent to the black coal mine by charlie together with He Lian and her family… In the end, it was charlie who harmed you…” souna looked at

Christopher and burst into tearsWith a full face, he was not moved at all in his heart, but turned to look at Harold, slapped him on the top of the head, and then pointed to Christopher and said, “You should learn from your father! See your father’s tears, come when you say it!” The emotions are in place in an instant! Absolutely old-fashioned acting school!”

“Look at you again, you are like those little fresh meat, you can’t eat enough, you can’t do anything, your singing is ugly, and your acting is not like it. You look like a piece of trash!”

“He’s a small fresh meat, but he still has tender skin, and can fool female fans into spending a lot of money, what can you do? You can’t even hold back a few tears!”

Harold was slapped on the forehead and scolded by his mother pointing his nose. The whole person was so hopeless that he could only cry and say, “Mom…you prepare a bottle of refreshing oil for me tomorrow. If I don’t want to cry, I will cry.” Just rub the cool oil in your eyes!”

souna nodded, pointed at the old lady Wilson, and said in a loud voice, “You heard what Hai Long said, go and buy him a bottle of cool oil tomorrow!” Old lady

Wilson hurriedly said, “Red Yan… you can just transfer some money to me on WeChat, and I’ll just place an order on the food delivery software…”

souna said disdainfully, “Damn old woman, you think beautifully! You have been riding on my neck for so many years. Shit, after I was pregnant some time ago, you humiliated me and tortured me even more. I haven’t kicked you out now, not because I have a good heart, but because you are somewhat useful. You can listen to me honestly, you can I will give you food, drink, clothing, and use, even if you are sick, I can treat you, and if you die, I will give you a beautiful funeral.” “But don’t worry, I can be on your body

. It costs hundreds of thousands or one million, but I will never give you a penny! I want you to live without me, souna, from now on!”


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