The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5471

Bush, the president of the United States at that time, was even lost two shoes by Iraqi reporters. Easily dodged, that scene has always been a classic scene in the international news, and now Elaine also avoided souna’s two combo attacks, and immediately connected herself with Bush.

souna really broke Elaine’s anger. Because she was too angry, her breathing became short of breath and her brain became dizzy. Then she took a few steps back uncontrollably, and sat down on the ground. Then she looked at Elaine was so mean as to eat melon seeds, and cried, “Elaine, you are too much of a bully! Woooooo… It’s been a few days since I finally turned around, why are you screwing me to death? You! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Huh… I have been bullied by the old lady Xiao for half my life, and now I can finally stand up and call the shots, and you are driving me to death again, are you with her?” Elaine licked melon seeds

while He said with a smile, “souna, your mistake is that you shouldn’t be so embarrassing in front of your grandma Ma, what’s wrong? It’s not you who earns two money. You come to me every day to feel your presence, don’t Forget, the money you earn is all dirty money, even if I don’t expose you, sooner or later someone will expose you.” As he spoke,

Elaine narrowed his eyes and smiled again, “Oh, I don’t know much about the law. , I don’t know if this is considered a fraud? If it is a fraud, the amount of money involved in your case is huge, and the police may come to arrest you!” souna was terrified when she heard this


Driving all the way here, all she could think about was that her fortune would be cut off., I hated Elaine in my heart, but I forgot that after I was exposed, it seemed that it was not just as simple as being cut off from my fortune!

Making up stories to deceive the public, concealing income and failing to declare taxes are all big hidden dangers!

Just when souna was at a loss, many law enforcement vehicles drove into the community one after another, including the police, taxation department and industry and commerce department.

The blue and red lights on various law enforcement vehicles were constantly flashing, which was so dazzling that souna was so frightened that she trembled all over.

Among them, two police cars parked in front of souna’s Mercedes-Benz, and several police officers got out of the car and walked to souna.

One of them looked at her and asked coldly, “Are you souna?”

souna looked at the police officer in front of her, and asked with a pale face, “I am…you…what’s the matter with you?”

The policeman said blankly, “According to the information exposed on the Internet, we suspect that you are involved in fraud and tax evasion. Please go back with us and cooperate with the investigation!” As soon as she heard that she wanted to cooperate with the investigation, souna knew this

. This time I was afraid that I was really going to die, so I said in great horror, “Officer… I… I didn’t cheat…

Did I make a mistake ?!” I know, hurry up and come with us!”

Then, the police officer pointed to the villa in front of him and asked, “Is this your home? Your husband, your son, and your mother-in-law live here They also have to cooperate with us in the investigation!”

souna was so frightened that she couldn’t speak, Elaine pointed to the villa next door excitedly on the balcony and said, “Officer, this is my house, not hers. The house is next door! Her husband, her son, and her mother-in-law you are looking for all live next door!”


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