The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5475

Christopher quickly explained, “Officer, you misunderstood, I’m not talking about now… I’m talking about the time when she just started live streaming… At that time we really did She was so poor that she couldn’t get rid of the pot, so she thought of earning some rewards through live broadcasting. Unexpectedly, more and more people followed her, so she started live streaming to bring goods, and earning money is also a matter of live broadcasting or after. “

The policeman asked in a cold voice, “Since you have earned so much money, why are you still selling miserably? Your wife’s Mercedes-Benz big G should be enough for the living expenses and medical expenses of you two, right? Kind netizens help you solve it.” Question, after your problem is solved, why don’t you hurry up and let it go, why do you continue to consume the sympathy of netizens for your family? You already have money you can’t spend, but you still talk about how miserable your family is in front of the camera, you Do you think this is right?”

Christopher was speechless for a moment, he knew that this matter was outrageous, and his family didn’t care about it, it was like a drop of water, and the disease was cured with 3,000 yuan. But he insisted on raising 30 million on Waterdrop, which must be a problem. The police came to his door, which was also a situation he had imagined earlier.

In desperation, he and his son Harold could only be carried out of the room with the assistance of several police officers.

The one who was taken out of the house with them was the old lady Wilson who had just fallen asleep but was awakened by knocking on the door.

At this time, the old lady didn’t know what happened. Seeing that the police officers carried her son and grandson out, she hurriedly asked, Harold, what’s the matter with you two? What are the police arresting you for?

” The

officer quickly explained, “Grandma, please don’t get me wrong. We are not going to arrest the three of you, but because the three of you are suspected of fraud, so we want the three of you to go to the police station to cooperate with us in our investigation.” Surprised, he quickly waved his hands and said, “Comrade police officer, my daughter-in-law did all the deceitful things. I have never done it. Don’t take my old bone into prison.

” The old lady Wilson in the prison didn’t have any nostalgia for that place, but was full of panic instead.

She knew that what her daughter-in-law had done was disgraceful, and she might even be suspected of committing a crime, so she wanted to get rid of the relationship immediately, so as not to implicate herself.

However, the policeman still said patiently, “Grandma, don’t panic too much. We just ask you to go over and assist in the investigation. If there is nothing wrongwill send you back. “

The old lady Wilson had no choice but to follow the police car.

Soon, several police cars left Tang Chen Yipin and went to the city bureau.

After arriving at the city bureau, the four members of souna’s family were interrogated separately. The endurance is relatively poor, and the four of them explained the whole story in a short time. What the

police did not expect was that Christopher and Harold were actually paralyzed.

Originally, they thought that the paralysis of these two people should also be fake. But now, through the medical records of the hospital and the visual judgment of the two of them, it can be confirmed that the two are indeed paralyzed.

This makes the police a little tricky.

If the medical records of the two are forged, then the family is charged with fraud. It must be true, but the cases of these two people are true, which proves that souna did not forge documents to deceive the public. Therefore,

this crime of fraud is really not sufficient.

However, this kind of miserably fabricated story There has long been a precedent for administrative penalties for live broadcasting of goods. Generally, seven to fifteen days of administrative detention will be imposed depending on the severity of the circumstances. So the police quickly made a decision

to detain souna for ten days first, and at the same time Her short video platform account will be permanently banned. If she is found to have evidence of a crime, she will be handed over to the procuratorate for prosecution. Although

Christopher, Harold and the old lady Wilson are accomplices, it seems that the father and son are indeed paralyzed in bed. The old lady Wilson is also getting old and has to take care of a pair of children and grandchildren, so she spared the three of them and avoided punishment.

Ten days of administrative detention is already a blessing in misfortune for souna, she thought to herself “It doesn’t matter if you are detained for ten days, as long as my money is not confiscated…”

But just as she thought about it, the people from the tax department approached her and said, “souna, after our verification, your paragraph Time bank card account has exceeded 10 million, but you haven’t paid a penny or tax, what’s going on? “


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