The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5478

As the popularity of the video continues to increase, and souna was formally detained, the Aurous Hill police also released the results of the incident to the public.

At first, when netizens heard that souna was only sentenced to ten days of administrative detention, they were dissatisfied with the punishment.

However, the police also showed the public the diagnosis certificates of souna’s husband and son. The father and son were indeed paralyzed in bed for several months, and because of lack of money, they did not receive active and effective treatment.

However, when netizens first saw this article, many people were skeptical, because in Elaine’s follow-up exposure materials, it was said that this family actually lived in the famous Tomson Yipin Villa, and the unit price exceeded 100 million yuan, so everyone They are all questioning, since souna can live in Tangchen Yipin, even if her husband and son are really paralyzed, how could she not treat them.

The police also immediately disclosed to the public the property rights of the villa where souna’s family lived, proving that the villa was not owned by souna and Willson’s family, but owned by Jiangnan tycoon Donald Webbb.

Donald Webbb was originally a well-known entrepreneur in the country, and some time ago his son i was even more famous all over the country, so people learned that this villa is Donald Webbb’s property, after Donald Webbb lent this villa to the family, It is no longer in vain to question.

People who learned the truth of the incident also accepted the decision of the Aurous Hill police to detain souna for ten days, and the Aurous Hill police also joined forces with the video platform to permanently ban souna’s short video account, so that she will never be banned. Live broadcast, this processing method also made everyone applaud.

For a while, netizens all over the country praised the efficiency of the Aurous Hill police. After all, it has only been two or three hours since the video was released, and the Aurous Hill police have completed the processing in such a short period of time, which is indeed very fast.

And the official short video platform is not idle.

They also quickly released the punishment decision of the platform side.

Including the full refund of consumers’ purchases, and at the same time formally launched the prosecution of souna, demanding that she return all live broadcast income.

However, since souna has squandered a lot of money earned by her, it is definitely impossible for her to make up for this hole. At that time, souna will probably be listed by the court as a defendant because she cannot fully refund her income. The executor of dishonesty, by that time, souna will either find a way to make money to fill these holes, or she will have to live a hard life as an old Lai.

Seeing these reports, Claire sighed helplessly at charlie, “My mother offended my aunt to death again this time… You said that they are all relatives, and they live so close together. Everyone will see you when you look up. How embarrassing…”

charlie smiled, and said, “That’s not something we need to consider, besides, with Mom’s character, if she doesn’t expose her, I guess Mom will get angry anyway.” 

Claire She nodded slightly. She knew her mother’s character. If the live broadcast of the eldest aunt was getting better and better, her mother’s mentality would definitely become more and more unbalanced.

At this time, Elaine, after seeing these punishment decisions on her mobile phone, was ecstatic in her heart and danced excitedly.

She hugged her phone excitedly and yelled, “Hahaha, souna, you have today too! Didn’t you drive a big G? Didn’t you buy Cullinan? Didn’t you buy a villa? Let me see how you can pay off these debts after you come out.” !”

And in the WeChat group jointly formed with Zhang Guifen, Zhang Guifen also voiced in the group, “Oh Elaine, you are too good! You brought souna down in one fell swoop!” Li

Yueqin Also sent a message, “Yes, Elaine! Your move is really good!”

Dong Yuling laughed and said, “I have been seeing them unhappy since I lived with their family, and I finally let it out today! Or Elaine, you have a solution!”


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