The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5481

melancholy , you are right…”

Wendy was silent for a moment, as if she had made some decision, she suddenly restarted the car, turned right at the intersection where she should go straight at the next intersection, and then said, “Forget it! I’ll send you two to the hospital now! You two should recover quickly After recovering, go out and find a serious job!”

Christopher nodded, and said dejectedly, “To be honest, I’ve been lying in bed for half a year, and I’m going crazy. I’ll go find a job after I’m done. …”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Harold again, and told him, “Harold, you have been fooling around for half your life, it’s time to do something! When the time comes, we and I will go find a job together, and neither of us can sit idle at home and eat Cooking!”

Harold also knew that his dream of being a rich second generation had been shattered, so he could only nod his head and choked up, “I know Dad… I will work hard when I recover from my injury…” Mrs. Willson is a

person Fine, she knew that souna could not stand up now, and she might have to rely on Wendy in the future.

In addition, seeing that his son and grandson had expressed their opinions to Wendy at this time, he quickly said to Wendy, “Weiwei, why don’t grandma go to the supermarket and find a job, even if she still pulls plastic bags for others?” Well, at least I can share some with the family…”

Wendy shook her head and said seriously, “Grandma, don’t go out to work anymore, you are so old, and my current income is enough to support you, so you can take care of yourself at home Let’s go.”

Hearing this, the old lady Wilson breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time she was a little thankful, after all, she was old, and it would be difficult for her to adapt to work again.

No one at this age wants to run around for a living anymore, and the old lady is the same.

And when she heard that her granddaughter was willing to provide for herself in the old age, she was still very satisfied.

However, at this time, Wendy’s tone suddenly became serious, and she said seriously, “Grandma, I have something to say first. You must not engage in those petty thoughts about family politics when you are at home from now on!” The old lady Wilson quickly argued, “

Wendy , I didn’t engage in any family politics…”

Wendy said seriously, “Grandma, our Willson family used to be very united when our grandpa was still there. Her old man treated my dad and second uncle well, but grandpa didn’t treat me, my brother, and sister Claire as well.” You will obviously favor someone, but after grandpa left, you took over the Willson family, and immediately began to isolate the second uncle’s family with my parents, my brother and me, and in the end, the family was in chaos. Not only did one family become two families, Even the Willson family’s business plummeted. Later, the company went bankrupt and closed down.The house is gone, so now we can only depend on others! “

Speaking, Wendy immediately added, “Of course, this is not your responsibility alone. My father, mother, and my brother and I are all responsible. I was young and ignorant at the time, and I targeted sister Claire and brother-in-law everywhere. I did a lot of wrong things and took a lot of detours. Fortunately, I now know where my mistakes are, and I have changed my mind and started a new life. Therefore, my career is now steadily improving. If our family can realize the mistakes we made back then, Make good corrections in the future, and the days to come will definitely get better and better. “

The old lady Wilson had an embarrassed expression, but she also said a little indignantly, “I targeted your second uncle’s family at the beginning, mainly because Claire was full of rebelliousness. I asked her to divorce charlie a long time ago, but she just didn’t listen…”

Wendy immediately said in a cold voice, “Fortunately, sister Claire didn’t listen to you! If she had listened to you and divorced charlie and married in  Jones Family , then she would have nothing like us now! Although the Jones Family was beautiful at the beginning, it has long since gone bankrupt. It’s not like you don’t know this! And look at how happy sister Claire is now! The villa they live in is not given by others and lent to them for a temporary stay! Moreover, my brother-in-law is also a prominent figure in Aurous Hill, with him around, no one in Claire’s family would dare to bully her! “

Speaking, Wendy choked with red eyes and said, “I used to listen to you in everything, but look at how many detours I have been led by you? At first you asked me to be with Gerald White, but Gerald White kicked me, and later you asked me to be with someone, which ruined my reputation, so that no one chases me until now! Mom finally escaped from the black coal mine, and it was you who took the lead in isolating her and insulting her, so that our family has come to this end step by step! All these prove that you simply do not have the ability to manage the Willson family! “

Old lady Wilson’s face flushed with embarrassment, and she wished she could get in through the cracks in the ground.

Wendy wiped her tears at this moment, and said very forcefully, “From today on, I will have the final say on everything in the Willson family!” I hope you put away those thoughts and stop making trouble! As long as you can live a calm and down-to-earth life, I will definitely provide for you in the old age, but if you pay for what you have, then I’m sorry, even if you go to the court to sue , I will not support you anymore! “


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