The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5501

charlie saw Ito Yuhiko again, and found that he was in very good condition.

To Yuhiko Ito, regaining his legs is like rebirth, and it also makes him cherish the present moment even more.

Seeing charlie, Ito Yuhiko was enthusiastic and respectful, he came out to welcome charlie in, and poured tea and water for charlie himself. Although he was busy walking around, he couldn’t hide his excitement all the time.

Tanaka Koichi on the side was so respectful that he wished he could always maintain a ninety-degree bending and bowing posture.

charlie greeted the two of them, looked at the house curiously, and said with a smile, “I’ve lived in Tangchen Yipin for so long, and this is the first time I’ve been to this high-rise.” After that, he looked through the living

room Huge floor-to-ceiling windows, looking at the rolling river outside, exclaimed, “The scenery here is really good! Mr. Tanaka has a good eye.” Tanaka Koichi on the side said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I

originally wanted to buy the top floor upstairs. It’s a pity that a lady bought it a few minutes late, if you can buy the top floor, the scenery should be better!”

charlie nodded with a smile, and said, “This is already very good. Knowing that the scenery here is so good, I should have come here to buy a set.”

Nanako Ito said, “Mr. Wade  can come here often in the future, and I will ask Tanaka-san to take a fingerprint for you later, and just treat this place as my own home. If we are not here , if you want to stay alone for a while, you can come up at any time.”

charlie was slightly taken aback, not knowing whether to refuse or accept.

At this time, seeing charlie hesitated, Tanaka Hao quickly said, “Mr. Wade, actually, there is no need to troubleshoot fingerprints. The door password is the lady’s birthday.” charlie looked

at Nanako, and he realized that he had known each other for so long , I don’t know Nanako’s birthday.

This is mainly due to the fact that during the time the two met, they didn’t meet much, and charlie himself didn’t pay much attention to birthdays, sometimes he couldn’t remember to celebrate his own birthday, and had to be reminded.

And Nanako never told him when her birthday was, or when she celebrated her birthday.

Nanako on the side also knew that charlie definitely didn’t know when his birthday was, so he shyly said, “Mr. Wade Chen, my birthday can only be celebrated once every four years…” charlie suddenly realized, and blurted out, “Then I know…

2 On the 29th of the month…”

“Well…” Nanako nodded shyly, looked at him with big eyes affectionately, and asked, “Mr. Wade should know what year I am?” charlie hurriedly said, “I know

… I know…”

Hiroshi Tanaka said with a smile, “Mr. Naha already knows the password of the door!”

At this time, Yuhiko Ito’s younger sister, Emi Ito, had prepared a table of sumptuous Japanese cuisine.

Emi Ito, who was wearing a kimono, walked to charlie’s side, put her hands in front of her body, bowed respectfully and said, “Mr. Wade, I have prepared the best Japanese cuisine for you, and the ingredients are all ordered by you this morning.” The most high-end seafood, whether it is sea urchin, oyster, sea bream or bluefin tuna, is the best that can be found in the Japanese market at present. Please also Enjoy!”

Ito Yuhiko said with a smile, “Mr. Wade, Huimei is best at making all kinds of sashimi. Her sensitivity to ingredients is much stronger than those of the so-called Michelin three-star chefs. I am afraid that the ingredients she comes into contact with on a daily basis Those Michelin three-star chefs have no chance to see it.”

After that, he pointed to the tuna sashimi on the exquisite plate, and said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, these sashimi are the meat on the cheeks of the blue flag tuna. This fish The auction price is three million U.S. dollars, but just a little bit of meat on the two cheeks costs hundreds of thousands, and when converted, a piece costs tens of thousands of U.S. dollars, even the best Michelin restaurant will not have it.” Ito Yuhiko is not talking about

it , in Japan’s luxurious society, the price of truly top-notch high-end products can be outrageously expensive.


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