The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5505

charlie did not speak, but Zara banks asked in surprise, “Brother, what kind of life did you encounter? Is it dangerous? Why didn’t I hear you mention it?”

Fitz said, “In the second month since I set off, I began to treat this pilgrimage sincerely, so I dismissed the entourage that Mr. Wade specially approved me to bring, and planned to really go on my own. At the end…”

“I fell ill after being exposed to the rain, so I stayed overnight in a farmhouse. After all, many pilgrims would stay overnight along the way, so I didn’t think there was anything wrong…” “In the end, the couple took advantage of me

. When I was almost in a coma with a high fever, I wanted to sell me to the owner of a local black brick kiln; “”I

heard from two of them that an adult with sound limbs can be sold for 20,000 yuan. Workers, at least three or four thousand yuan a month, the kiln owner bought them back, and as long as they squeezed them for more than half a year, they could pay back their capital, and the rest was pure profit

; I seemed to be unconscious, bargaining for the other party, and pressed the price back to five thousand…”

Zara banks’s eyes widened, and he asked quickly, “What happened next?”

Fitz said, “Then I was killed by the kiln owner and his three The thugs moved into an off-road vehicle. At that time, I wanted to call for help, but because of the high fever, I didn’t even have the ability to fully open my eyes, let alone resist…” “After getting on the car, I

thoughtMy life is definitely over, but I didn’t expect that the kiln owner’s off-road vehicle was rear-ended by a car not long after he drove out, and he got out of the car with his thugs to argue with others, and the four of them were shot down by the other party…” 

 The fish couldn’t wait to ask, “Then what? ! 

Fitz said in a low voice, “The two people who shot them threw their four bodies into a ditch beside the road, then lifted me out of the off-road vehicle, and sent me back to the farmhouse… …”

“Huh? ! Zara banks was even more puzzled, “Why should I send you back?” “

Fitz said, “They thought I had been in a coma and didn’t know anything, so they discussed in the car that they wanted to send me back to that farmhouse, and then used guns to force the couple to take good care of me until I recovered. I’ll deal with the couple after we leave, but they don’t know, I’ve heard all these conversations. “

Speaking, Fitz looked at charlie and said gratefully, “Mr. Wade, the two of them discussed in the car whether they should report this matter to Mr. isaac of Shangri-La, but the two felt that this trivial matter would be discussed later. I may encounter it often, as long as my safety can be guaranteed, there is no need to report again and again, so I knew at that time that you have been secretly arranging people to protect me…” Immediately afterwards, Fitz suddenly knelt on the

ground On the ground, he kowtowed respectfully and said gratefully, “Thank you Mr. Wade for saving my life time and time again, I will never forget it! “

charlie stretched out his hand to help him up, and said calmly, “For this matter, you don’t have to be grateful to me. You are Aunt Deana’s son and Ms. banks’s brother, and you did not commit a heinous crime, so it is reasonable and reasonable. , I can’t take your life, and that’s why I let you go on a pilgrimage. The original intention was actually to let you go on a pilgrimage.

” In the past twenty years, I have been experiencing all kinds of hardships, and these hardships are also a kind of penance in my opinion

; To shape a person’s soul, no matter you were rich and well-fed, arrogant and domineering, or you were hungry and self-deprecating, you can find a radical change in the penance; “

“If you can do this, it will be a good thing for you and your family;” “

If you can’t, at least you will have lingering fears and fears because of this arduous punishment. There will definitely be restraint;”

Speaking of this, charlie changed the subject and said firmly, “But I definitely can’t let you lose your life because of natural disasters and man-made disasters on the road of penance! In that case, all this will not only deviate from the I can’t explain my original intention to Aunt Deana and Miss banks.”


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