The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5515

charlie rushed to Aurous Hill University with the fastest speed.

This time, instead of driving in, he parked his car in a parking lot near Aurous Hill University, and then walked into the campus.

He clearly remembered the last time the ring jumped at Aurous Hill University, on the way he drove away from here.

So charlie put the ring on his hand and walked unhurriedly all the way to the Academic Affairs Building of Aurous Hill University.

Along the way, every time he took a step, he felt the movement of the ring very carefully.

But to his great disappointment, the ring didn’t respond in any way.

charlie secretly murmured in his heart, “The last time I reacted was on the way out. Could it be that this thing still recognizes the direction?”

Thinking of this, he turned around again, and walked the same way he came back. .

But until he walked outside the gate of the school, the ring still didn’t respond.

charlie couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed, and thought to himself, “Didn’t you dance here last time? Why didn’t you dance this time? Did you fall asleep or didn’t feel it? Otherwise, I’ll take you to Yipin’s underground Feel it in the garage!”

Ring didn’t give him any response, so in desperation, he could only go back to the parking lot, ready to get in the car and leave, and then go back to the underground parking lot of Tomson Yipin high-rise to try his luck.

As soon as he drove the car out of the parking lot, his cell phone rang suddenly. He picked it up and looked surprised, because the person who made the call turned out to be Dr. Simmons’s granddaughter, Xyla.

charlie hasn’t seen the grandparents and grandchildren for a long time. He knows that Dr. Simmons opened a medical clinic in Aurous Hill, where he and Xyla hung pots to help the world, but because there are many things recently, he hasn’t visited them recently. Over the grandparents and grandchildren.

Moreover, the grandparents and grandchildren rarely disturbed themselves, presumably because the medical clinic was busy, and they didn’t want to affect themselves too much, so they didn’t take the initiative to contact them.

So now that Xyla suddenly called him, charlie’s first thought was whether she and Grandpa Dr. Simmons were in some trouble.

So, he immediately connected the phone and said, “Xylaa, you haven’t called me for a few days.”

Xyla said in a sad voice, “Master Wade…Xylaa called to say goodbye to you It’s…”

“Farewell?” charlie frowned, and asked her, “What’s the matter? Did you and Doctor have some trouble?

” Grandpa is going to close the clinic and go back to Eastcliff…”

“Back to Eastcliff?” charlie subconsciously asked her, “I remember that Dr.  said that he will settle in Aurous Hill from now on, and he has only been here for a year. Duo, why do you want to leave all of a sudden?”

Xyla said vaguely, “This… how should I put it, it’s also Grandpa’s own decision, and I can’t help it… He has already taken off the signboard of the medical center. He planned to leave tomorrow, originally he didn’t plan to tell you, because he felt ashamed to say goodbye to you, and wanted to call you to apologize after he left… But… but…” Xyla said, suddenly lowered his

voice Sobbing loudly, he choked up and said, “But Xylaa couldn’t bear to leave… He couldn’t bear Aurous Hill, and he couldn’t bear Master Wade… So I called and wanted you to persuade Grandpa again…”


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