The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5526

“It doesn’t matter.” charlie said with a smile, “I knew you had to have such nonsense, and I was afraid that you would say that you are a master of gynecology and only good at gynecology. Give women a pulse, so I asked Xyla to invite all women.”

As he said that, charlie said again, “Of course, the most important thing is the childcare issue you mentioned. I asked Xyla to take them with me early, and they all went to the police station to issue birth date certificates, and they all stamped the official seal of the police station.” , Make sure that the date of birth issued by the police station is the same as the date of birth on their ID card, if you still lie to me and say that it is the childcare I found, then I will directly invite the police to come over to be a witness!” Speaking of this,

charlie simply shook his hand, “Forget it, if you think this is not enough, then I will call a friend to introduce the people in the notary office, and then contact the people in the TV media, let them come to witness together, and then we will be in their Under the witness of the tester, go to the street and randomly select testers. At worst, you can choose the head office at random, right? If you can really control everyone’s age error within seven days, when the TV station reports, your Hong Tianshi The popularity will be even higher, not only can we promote our Chinese traditional medicine, but also apply for a new Guinness World Record!” After speaking

, charlie looked at Hong Changqing, and said with a smile, “Look, I have a lot of ways to cure you.”

When Hong Changqing heard this, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

He never dreamed that the kid in front of him would be so hurt! This is almost blocking all of my roads! Moreover, he also wanted to find the media. He was also a famous figure in North America. If he lost face in front of the media, wouldn’t his wisdom be ruined? !

For a while, Hong Changqing was confused, not knowing what to do.

charlie asked coldly, “What? Don’t you dare? Aren’t you very powerful? You’ve already called yourself a celestial master, and you’re scared of such a trivial matter?”

Hong Changqing said with a dark face, “Boy, how could I, Hong Changqing, be scared!”

After he finished speaking, he changed the subject, sneered arrogantly and said, “The old man was almost led by you brat! Yesterday, Dr. Simmons voluntarily challenged me, and he was already willing to admit defeat. Logically speaking, he should use this to save the world.” Give it up to the old man! But now he is hiding like a tortoise, not daring to see anyone. Isn’t it just a way to renege on a sharp-tongued kid like you? What’s more, I have already won this Ji Shitang, why do you want to bet with you again? What are you betting with me again?”

charlie smiled and said, “Old guy, one of us wants to keep pace, but I don’t care about you, the whole process just now, I have already secretly recorded it with a camera, don’t you just dare not take on the challenge now? It doesn’t matter, I will post these videos online immediately, and focus on overseas networks! A mere Serene Medical Clinic, the investment is only a hundred dollars Wan, so what if I give it to you? As long as you are not afraid of being embarrassed, and you are not afraid of picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelon, you can just take this Serene Medical Clinic.” After finishing speaking, charlie asked

Xyla again, “Xyla, I will let you videotape the whole process. Have you recorded it all?”

Xyla nodded hurriedly and said, “Back to Master wade, Xyla has recorded it all!”

As she spoke, she took off the black leather bag that was slanted across her body, opened it, and took out several action cameras from inside ,


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