The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5529

The fist of an eight-star warrior is as strong as a fully loaded heavy truck.

When all the surging power is concentrated on the face of the fist composed of four fingers, this kind of wind is even more frightening!

Not to mention that charlie could clearly feel the strong impact of the strong wind, even Xyla, who was two meters away, could clearly feel a surge similar to a hurricane blowing his face. At this moment, Xyla’s heart was in a ball, and she couldn’t hide her panic and blurted out,

“Master Wade, be careful!”

The six viscera were all in pain from the shock of the huge impact.

Dr. Simmons inside heard his granddaughter yelling, and he didn’t care about charlie’s order to wait behind, so he ran out anxiously to see what happened.

However, when both the grandfather and grandson looked at charlie and Hong Changqing, they found that they were still at this moment.

Hong Changqing’s face was ferocious, and his right fist hit charlie’s face hard.

charlie, on the other hand, looked indifferent, just stretched out a middle finger in his right hand, and easily blocked Hong Changqing’s fist in front of him.

Hong Changqing’s expression also changed from murderous and ferocious at this time, to bewildered, bewildered, panicked, and horrified…

He couldn’t believe it. It is easy to resist with a middle finger!

And the middle finger gesture is a universal body language. Seeing this gesture is equivalent to hearing the other person saying f*ck you, f*ck you, or you are an idiot.

However, despite his ever-changing expressions, the only thing he couldn’t change back to was the previous arrogance and arrogance.

As charlie’s smile became more playful, his heart became more fearful.

At this moment, he swallowed hard to moisten his dry and sore throat due to tension.

Afterwards, he murmured subconsciously, “How is this possible…how is this possible…I am an eight-star warrior…an eight-star warrior…” After finishing speaking, he suddenly

raised his head and looked at charlie in fear, “You …Who are you…”

charlie smiled, “In the past, when people asked me this question, I usually told him that I was someone he couldn’t afford.”

Hong Changqing asked subconsciously, “Then… …Then what about now…”

charlie sneered with disdain on his face, “Now I’m someone you can’t afford to offend, so why ask?”


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