The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5532

So, he could only smile, and respectfully said, “Master Wade, just take it, this medicine cauldron will be yours from now on…”

charlie nodded, and while untying the cloth pocket, he revealed the bronze pot inside. Three-legged tripod, while looking at Hong Changqing, said, “You promised yourself, I’m not cheating on you, right


” You are voluntary, right?”

Hong Changqing nodded, letting his tears fall on the ground, and kept saying, “It’s voluntary, it’s voluntary…”

charlie nodded in satisfaction, “It’s voluntary.”

As he spoke, he took out the three-legged medicinal cauldron from the cloth pocket.

As the three-legged medicinal cauldron was taken out, there was also a faint smell of medicinal materials.

charlie looked at the medicine cauldron in front of him, and couldn’t help but sigh that this thing is indeed very exquisitely made. The shape of the vessel is simple and elegant, and the lines are round, which makes people feel pleasing to the eye, and everything is so well-proportioned.

Moreover, the whole body of this thing is shiny and extremely smooth, and it feels very smooth to the touch. I don’t know if it’s because the material is good, or because Taizhendao and the patriarchs made it well.

However, charlie didn’t think there was anything special about this medicinal cauldron. After all, he had seen a lot of antiques. If you want to say that the ancient copper and bronze wares are more elegant than this medicinal cauldron, I’m afraid they can’t count them all. Those bronze wares known as national treasures are not one in a million.

Just when charlie thought that this was most likely an ancient souvenir, he subconsciously poured a little spiritual energy into it to test it. This test didn’t matter, he just felt the medicine cauldron humming and shaking in his hand!

However, the other people around him did not notice the change in the medicine cauldron.

Immediately afterwards, charlie realized that inside the medicine cauldron, there was an extremely complicated formation, just like his own soul piercing blade and thunderbolt, all formations were stored in the magic weapon, and the formation was activated by aura method to achieve the effect of the formation.

charlie didn’t know what kind of formation was in this medicine cauldron, but he felt that the rotation speed was astonishingly fast, as if it was specially used to condense some kind of material.

Combined with this thing, it looks like a medicine cauldron for refining medicine, so he immediately came to the conclusion that it should be a special magic weapon for refining medicine with spiritual energy!

At this moment, charlie’s heart suddenly surged with excitement.

Before refining medicine, he used spiritual energy to condense medicinal materials directly. The reason why he didn’t use any utensils was because the strength of ordinary utensils simply couldn’t bear the temperature of aura when refining medicinal materials for a long time.

Moreover, according to the “Jiuxuan Tianjing”, although the medicine cauldron has no offensive power, it is considered to be relatively difficult in the magic weapon, and the internal formation of the medicine cauldron of this magic weapon level can With the blessing of aura, the efficacy of medicinal materials can be better refined, and even achieve the effect of sublimation.

In other words, if charlie took the materials of Rejuvenation Pill and refined them with spiritual energy, what he would produce would be ordinary Rejuvenation Pill, but if he put the medicinal materials into this medicine cauldron to refine it, what would be refined would be Rejuvenation Pill.

The efficacy of Huichun Pill must be stronger than Huichun Pill, but how much stronger depends on the rank of the medicine cauldron itself.


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