The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade Chapter 5538

“Back to America?!”

Hong Changqing burst into tears when he heard this.

The first thought that flashed into his mind was excitement.

After all, charlie is willing to let him go back to the United States, which means that he will not take his own life, nor will he imprison himself.

So he asked excitedly, “Can I?”

Seeing his excited appearance, charlie couldn’t help laughing secretly.

In fact, he didn’t plan to kill Hong Changqing, he just played tricks with Dr. Simmons. Although he was indiscriminate, he was not guilty of death.

What’s more, he handed over the medicine cauldron, although he was reluctant, but he was still willing to gamble and admit defeat.

In addition, he has some personal friendship with his grandmother. If he recognizes his grandmother in the future and talks about her as a friend, he will be killed by himself, or imprisoned in the dog farm by himself, which is a bit unreasonable.

Moreover, I am currently employing people, so it would be great if an old Taoist who has been in North America for so many years and has the title of “Hong Tianshi” in the upper class can use it for himself.

Therefore, when he asked Hong Changqing whether he wanted to return to the United States, it was just a small test. He guessed that if Hong Changqing was really a smart person, he would never immediately seize the opportunity to return to the United States at this time.


As soon as Hong Changqing said “Can I?”, the next second, he suddenly felt wronged and wanted to die.

He couldn’t help thinking in his heart, “Damn, I came all the way to find charlie, hoping to get a powerful panacea, so that my strength can be improved to a higher level, or to learn from charlie to be even better. The way of alchemy, and I will look for opportunities to refine some powerful pills when I go back, but who would have thought that this stealing chicken will not cost you money, but if you don’t find it, you haven’t learned the alchemy technique, and instead throw away the ancestral medicine cauldron Now, if I just leave like this, wouldn’t it be worse if I think about it more and more?”

However, he dared not say that, he just faltered and couldn’t explain why.

charlie smiled at this time and said, “How about this, Hong Tianshi, although you gave me this medicinal cauldron voluntarily, but I don’t like to owe others favors, why don’t I arrange a special plane for you this afternoon?” I will send you back to the United States, and you should tell my grandma in advance that you have other plans when you go back, so you won’t wait for them here.”

Knowing that charlie was not going to kill himself, Hong Changqing suddenly didn’t want to just leave , so I could only say bitterly, “Master Wade, to tell you the truth, I have been concentrating on retreat for the next few years, and I have no time to take care of the Taizhen Dao. The internal talents of the Taizhen Dao have withered and there is nothing to do, so I…so I…


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