(The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3664 ) The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3664

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3664 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3664 )

Hearing that Charlie was willing to let himself go, Abbas was so excited that he almost collapsed.

But he still resisted the urge to cry bitterly, and shouted without hesitation: “Mr. wade, I am willing!”

A group of soldiers in the Wanlong Palace reacted, and at the same time shouted excitedly: “We are willing too!”

For a time, the voice of response, the mountain whispered and the tsunami!

Everyone on the scene was stunned!

No one thought that Charlie would spare Abbas’s life, and at the same time he would bring the entire Wanlong Palace to his command!

Many people don’t even understand that Abbas was willing to work for Charlie in exchange for Charlie’s forgiveness before he broke his meridian, but why Charlie didn’t let it go until the last moment when he broke his meridian and prepared to commit suicide.

Moreover, before letting go, he criticized Abbas’s decision to go to death generously.

In fact, Charlie played a typical psychological tactic.

The same bowl of rice, given when the other party is hungry, and when the other party is about to starve to death, has a completely different effect.

Moreover, the reason why Charlie criticized his decision to die was to destroy his last confidence and dignity.

Because, at the moment when he decided to commit suicide, Abbas’s heart was liberated, and even deep in his heart, there must be a kind of tragic feeling of generosity to die.

If he doesn’t completely get rid of his sense of tragic and heroic, then he will still regard his death as an honor in the future.

In some respects, Abbas is very similar to the Japanese samurai. The samurai who truly advocates the spirit of Bushido have the same effects as Don Quixote. Regardless of his strength, he is proud of him and he is not afraid of death.

If a person is not afraid of death, it is easy for you to defeat him, but it is really not that simple to defeat him.

Because at any time he would feel that although Lao Tzu was not strong enough and was defeated, the big deal was a laparotomy. After the cut, he would still end up with a eulogized reputation.

Therefore, in this case, he must understand a core truth: Do you think you are a great hero after a cesarean section?

No, even if you have a cesarean section, you are still a big idiot!

Once he knew that even death could not solve the immediate problem, all his pride would collapse completely.

This is also the fundamental reason why Charlie wants to push him to the extreme.

Judging from the immediate effect, Charlie has achieved his goal.

From now on, abbas and his Wanlong Palace will loyally obey Charlie’s orders.

All of Charlie’s men and friends were already extremely excited.

For them, today is really the most unforgettable day in their lives.

This is no longer as simple as putting one’s death on the ground and resurrecting it.

Orrin Sun was even more excited with tears. He looked at bruce’s mausoleum and muttered: “Big Brother wade, Charlie met the Weathered Dragon today. Not only did he conquer the Wanlong Palace, he also became the head of the Wade Family while talking and laughing. Before long, Charlie will be able to inherit your legacy and let Wade Family stand on top of the world!”

Stephen Thompson’s mood is no different from Orrin Sun.

He is bruce’s loyal minister, and he has lived to this day for this day. Therefore, his whole body has burst into tears unknowingly.

But the Wade Family members are mixed.

The good news is that a huge crisis has completely disappeared.

What’s worrying is that Charlie seemed to have just said casually just now, sending himself to the throne of Wade Family Patriarch? ? ?

Especially Corran wade and others, they immediately felt a little bit different from what Charlie said to Abbas just now.

Corran wade thought at this moment: “Charlie told Abbas just now that he has just taken over the Wade Family’s big and small affairs and will be short of staff in the future, what does this mean?! Could it be…Is he going to sit directly as the head of the Wade Family today? The position?! But… But the old man obviously asked him to take care of the Wade Family’s affairs temporarily. When the crisis is over, he has to hand over the power to the old man! Is this bastard ready to go straight to the throne? ?!”

The other Wade Family members also understood this meaning. For a while, except for Charlie’s sister-in-law, Aaliyah, everyone was depressed to the extreme.

For Corran wade, he would rather Yeling Mountain be trampled down by the Wanlong Palace.

If the old man would rather die than surrender, he would rather kill the old man directly by Abbas, and then, as the first successor of the Wade Family, immediately announced that he accepted all the conditions of the Abbas.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3664 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3664 )


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